Surprise! ∆ Delta 1.5 with Syncing, Transfers, Back-ups & more coming soon!

Remember when we said about a week and a half ago that our 1.4 update was our last update of the year. Well, it kinda isn’t. 🤥

We heard you loud & clear that you wanted more options with your data. You want to seamlessly move your data to a new device, you want to keep your phone in sync with your tablet (or another phone) and you want to have a secure feeling by being able to have some sort of back-up of your data.

So we did all of that. And then some.

Three distinct data options

As mentioned before, we are all for a fully anonymous platform. So when we started thinking about data portability, we eliminated user accounts pretty fast from the potential options. We came up with a unified system that allows users to do three things: Transfer, Sync & Back-up.


Transfers are the most common use-case. People buy a new phone and want all the data to be gone on the old device and moved over to their new device. The process to do this on Delta is super easy. Just take your old device & new device, scan the QR code shown on the old device with the new device and boom, all your data is transferred over. The QR code expires every 10 minutes.


Sometimes you want to keep two devices completely in sync. Not only do you want to copy all the existing data from one device to the other, you also want changes on either device to be reflected on the other. The Sync option does this, in the exact same way as transfers. Scan the QR code (also with a ten minutes expire) with the new device and the device is added to your pool of devices. All users can keep up two devices in sync. Delta PRO users can keep up to five devices completely in sync and the PRO will carry over as well. 😎


Then there’s the back-ups. If you have one device, you want to be sure that your data can be recovered in case of a lost or broken device. We now have the first solution towards this. Generate a back-up QR code (which doesn’t expire), take a screenshot with your device and store this screenshot (or even print it) somewhere safe. You can always restore from this back-up code, but be aware that all data from the device that you generated the backup code with (and all devices synced to this device) will be deleted. Is your QR code compromised? Generate a new one, making the previous one void. It’s the first step towards our back-up plans, with more solutions in the pipeline (with full data import & export & cloud back-up).

Other additions

The 1.5 feature list doesn’t stop there. Here are some extra features for you to enjoy:

Shake to Hide Balances

We know — you want to share that sexy ∆ Delta UI in a nice portfolio snapshot. But only if you could hide your balances. Well, now you can! Just shake your phone and poof, all holdings are gone. Shake again to make them re-appear. Especially useful when you’re in public and “accidentally” (it’s a habit, we get it) open Delta. 😏

Move coin to different portfolio

This is the most requested feature by our PRO users that are enjoying the multiple portfolios perk. Now you can move an entire coin (and all ‘Deduct/Add Holdings’ transactions that are linked to it) to a different portfolio in just a handful of taps. Easy peasy.

Search in the list of exchanges, coins & currencies

Since we’re adding new exchanges constantly, the list is becoming quite long to scroll in. So now you can pull down to make a search input bar appear which allows you to search in the list of exchanges, pairs & currencies.

Transactions summary

We’re still fine-tuning the design of this one, but we wanted to add it already. On top of all your transactions, we’ll now show a summary of your transactions. This means an average buy price, average sell price and the average delta of the two.

Hide 0 holdings

It was annoying some users that coins that you don’t own anymore (after selling all of your holdings), was still visible in the portfolio list. You couldn’t delete the coin as well, cause that would remove all the transactions. We have a solution for this, with the ‘Hide 0 holdings’ toggle found in Settings > View Options.

Better support handling

We relied on our awesome Telegram community (which is now the biggest portfolio app community!) to handle most of the support. While we of course still plan to do this, we now have set up a Help Center, accessible via the app. You can visit it via — we’ll add more F.A.Q.’s and tutorial videos in the coming days & weeks.

When will 1.5 be available?

We’re doing everything we can to release 1.5 to our PRO users via the Early Access program before the end of the year. It will stay in Early Access until at least January 3rd, 2018. If you’re PRO, keep a look out for a mail from us in the coming days regarding the 1.5 update specifically. If you still want to get access to this feature before anyone else, we advice you to become PRO before Christmas, as the Delta team will be on holidays between Christmas & New Years. So we come back all refreshed to finish that desktop application and those API imports. 🙌🏼

Cheers & with much green love in these Christmas coloured times,

The Delta team. 🎅🏼

Didn’t grab Delta yet?

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