Update regarding 1.6 with Exchange Account Connections (API Imports)

If you read our detailed blogpost about 1.6 you might be full of anticipation about our 1.6 update. You might know as well that earlier this week we released 1.6 to our PRO users via the Delta PRO Early Access program. Thanks to this we’ve gotten some good feedback & already ironed out some bugs.

The good news is that we feel what we had in mind initially is now completely wrapped up and ready to ship. What we had in mind was a first version of API imports which imports all your trades, nothing more. Since we don’t have support in ∆ Delta for withdrawals & deposits (a.k.a. transfers) yet, we decided to not import these types of transactions and strictly import the trades. And to be honest, it really works. Especially if you choose the option to not import past trades, you wake up & you notice a trade got executed during your sleep. Cause yes, Delta already automatically added it. It’s great. :)

That being said, we’ve noticed from our PRO users’ feedback that lots of users do import the past trades. This is fine, but it’s important to stress that if we import trades from Binance for example & there’s 20ETH being used for these trades, that this needs to be accounted for with other trades. We thought this would be self-explanatory but we’ve noticed it isn’t. It’s on us. We made a wrong judgement call that it would be okay to launch the API Import feature with just importing the trades and with no support for withdrawals & deposits.

A small peak as to how manually adding deposits & withdrawals will look like.

So what we’re going to do is fix this. We’re going to completely build support for transfers, withdrawals & deposits. Completely means, for both manual transaction adding & via Exchange Account Connections. It will make the feature much more complete and make 1.6 an even stronger release. The not so fun news is that it causes a small delay. We were planning a public release early next week. With this extra functionality (it’s not a small thing), we expect to release it about a week later. Straight after 1.6 is out, we’ll move onto adding support for CSV imports. And we’ll also add stuff like pincode & touch/face ID to 1.7 and much more other cool new features. And then there’s desktop as well planned for this month. Safe to say: great stuff is on the horizon and while a delay is never fun, it’s with our users in mind that we made this decision.

Thanks for your understanding.

∆ The Delta Team

PS: Nothing changes for PRO users, you can keep using 1.6 as is. Updates might happen. Once transfer, withdrawal & support via API is live, those will get automatically imported as well.