Welcoming 1.13 — the ‘Quality of Life’ update

Nicolas Van Hoorde
Aug 31, 2018 · 3 min read

After two really major releases bringing Portfolio Analytics & Order Books, it was time to zoom out and look at what we can do to improve the features we already have in the app. This sparked the ‘Quality of Life’ update. An update dedicated to small to medium sized additions or improvements for the app. This makes 1.13 slightly less sexy than the usual updates, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important or impactful! 😇

The full list

Here’s the complete list of what has changed in 1.13:

🚨 Significant coin notifications & personally set alerts now take you straight to the detail view of the coin instead of the portfolio overview.

🔕 You can now disable or enable significant coin change notifications on a per coin basis.

📡 Notifications will now also be popped while you’re using the app, so you don’t miss anything and you can use Delta all the time!

👁 When adding a coin to the Watchlist, you’ll go straight to that coin after adding, instead of having to search for the coin in the list.

⚙️ Your personal settings will now be restored after reinstalling the application.

📱Notification settings are now on a device level, meaning you can have different settings per device.

💹 Markets is now the default landing of the ‘Watch’ tab, instead of the Watchlist.

😎 Dark Mode is now chosen as the ‘default’ Delta look, instead of ‘Light mode’. New users will get Dark Mode, existing users retain their chosen mode.

Δ When launching the app, the logo shown was incorrect (too thin). This is now fixed.

🎛 We now use our fancy switcher for portfolio/watchlist/markets sorting, instead of the previous (more ugly) one.

🤫 When you choose to ‘Hide balances’ (i.e. ‘Show percentage holdings’), this will now be affecting all portfolios and the portfolio switcher.

🙊All users can now create up to 20 different portfolios.

🆕 There’s a new category in the Notification settings, called ‘New releases’ allowing you to get notified whenever there’s a new release.

⛔️ We will inform users that creating an alert is pointless if they don’t have push notification permission enabled on their device.

🔎 The logo on top of the portfolio view on Android was too thin, this is now corrected.

🐛 The alerts screen is now scrollable again.

🐛 Fixed the issue where wallet connections couldn’t be created even though limit wasn’t reached yet.

🔌 Aside from the things above, we’ve also released two more exchange account connections into ‘Early Access’: IDEX & Bitstamp.

And that’s it for Delta 1.13 for iOS & Android. We have one more direct release in store for mobile, until we move our attention towards our desktop version again. Exciting times ahead! 🙌🏼

The Delta Team

Didn’t grab Delta yet?

Delta — Cryptocurrency Portfolio is available on both the iOS App Store & the Android Google Play Store. We also have a desktop extension for Windows, Mac & Linux . It’s completely free to download. Your data is completely private and is not sold or shared with any party, not first, second nor third. We also don’t push ads in between your portfolio or watchlist. Or anywhere actually.

Delta — Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

Nicolas Van Hoorde

Written by

Architect of @get_delta. Also doing some videogame-y stuff for @tastatv

Delta — Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

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