What!? Delta 1.7 is here already? Introducing Markets & Dark Mode.

Last week we released our huge 1.6 update which featured Exchange Account (API) Connections, Transfers & BNB Fees. What we didn’t say is that we were secretly working on our next update already… 😏 So we’re super stoked to reveal our 1.7 update as a surprise to our users! Here are the highlights:

😎 Dark Mode

When we first launched Delta, we immediately got a lot of requests for a ‘Dark Mode’. Back in October, we felt that this was a ‘nice to have’ feature, something we would build if there was some time to spare. But as time went on, we became aware of the potential of giving Delta a completely new look. So we prioritised the feature in line with the high popularity. Instead of just adding some black backgrounds & flipping colours, we decided to restyle lots of modules, specifically for this Dark Mode, while still maintaining Delta’s look & feel. We’re very proud of how sexy this Dark Mode has come to be. 🤭

💹 Coin Markets

Style is one thing. We also wanted to add a major new tool to 1.7. And so we did. We’ve added a complete Coin Market Cap feature inside the app, tabbed together with the Watchlist. It makes so much sense that we probably should have done it even earlier! The great thing? You can actually see the total market cap, 24 volume & BTC dominance from the get-go.

We’ve also made it super easy to look up the price, market cap or volume of a specific coin. You can sort & order the list and of course tap a level deeper to check the charts of a coin. It’s bloody brilliant, if we do say so ourselves!

Aside from this all, we’ve fixed some important issues & bugs. ‘Bug fixes’ doesn’t make the nicest headline, but it’s crucial to deliver a non-frustrating and stable experience, which is what we’re all about here at Delta. Here are some of the bugs that got ironed out in 1.7:

  • Issues with prices in NZDT
  • Show full 8 decimals for balances 🎱
  • Issue where 1H charts sometimes wouldn’t show
  • Report of changing numbers when adding transactions
  • Problem when switching currencies, values don’t change
  • Some prices circumventing outlier detection system
  • Device name getting reset to ‘Unknown’ on Android 🤭
  • Misalignment of certain symbols & numbers
  • Some letters in users’ transaction notes were cut off 🔪
  • Charts: Y axis numbers got cut off in some currencies
  • When Watchlist was default landing, adding transaction didn’t move back to coin page
  • Issue with syncing devices that have different default currencies
  • We now warn you before deleting a coin 😅
  • There’s a 2 second cool-down period now when shaking device to hide balances, to prevent double shakes
  • ICO’s without an amount got hidden by ‘Hide 0 balances’

And last but not least, even though not really a bug fix, you can now hide small balances, ha! You can find this via Settings > Other Options.

And that’s it for our surprise Delta 1.7 for iOS & Android update! We hope you’ll like our brand new dark look and enjoy our brand new Markets feature even more. In the meanwhile, we’ll be working on what’s next for Delta. For iOS & Android, but also for Mac, Windows, Linux & Web.


The Delta Team

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