Who are Cyber-Seniors?

“Cyber-Seniors are firm believers that you’re never too old to learn something new. Get to know them and how they came to be cyber-skilled.”

DigiLearn is hosting a screening of the award-winning documentary Cyber-Seniors, a film about the digital divide and connecting generation through technology. The documentary is a big-screen depiction of the progress DigiLearn sees in its coaching sessions — deeper and broader connections for seniors within their families and communities.

Cyber-Seniors follows a group of seniors who receive mentoring from high school students.

Shura is 88 and used to believe she was too old to learn to use the Internet.

Ellard, 89, was originally interested in looking up his old buddies from World War II, but instead turned his interest toward reconnecting with his estranged daughter.

76-years-old Annette wanted to get online so she wouldn’t miss out on party invites.

After 89-year-old Ebert’s wife passed away, he wanted to be online as a way to increase contact with his family all over the world.

90-year-old Barbara has been using a computer for years. Unfortunately her short-term memory isn’t what it used to be…

Marion is 93 and, with the help of her student mentor Hannia, came up with a rap video that she posted online.

“The idea for the Cyber-Seniors program began after my sister and I witnessed how the Internet changed my grandparents lives and deepened our relationships with them. The Cyber-Seniors program is a powerful model that aims to bridge the generation gap and presents an option for communicating in a more inclusive way,” said Kascha Cassaday, co-founder of Cyber-Seniors.

The Cyber-Seniors program is particularly relevant to Fredericton where its province, New Brunswick, has the fastest aging population in Canada — and many of these seniors are not familiar with technology.

The event will be held on July 25th, at 4PM. The screening will happen on the Chickadee Hall at the Public Library (12 Carleton Street). Tickets are free and available now.


Technology Coaching Group for Seniors and Adults


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Technology Coaching Group for Seniors and Adults

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