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5 effective tips on how to increase your reach on Instagram with geotags

Want to reach more people on Instagram? Use geotags! This is how.

When you use geotags you allow new audiences in the area to discover your content.

Stories Location Stickers

When you use location stickers, people who aren’t already following you can discover your stories through the explore page.

Hashtag locations

Other than using geotags you can also tag your location through hashtags. If you’re in New York City you can tag #NYC or #newyorkcity to reach people near your area. This is something that is easy to forget, as it’s common to use hashtags related to the topic or industry rather than the physical location.

Tag yourself when you’re not there

Be smart when using geotags. To increase your reach, you can tag your photos in locations even when you’re not physically there. Keep the local audience in mind and tag locations where you think your content would be relevant. But don’t go overboard, only tag relevant places on relevant occasions.



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