Work with Microsoft

A couple of months back we have been invited to work with Microsoft Middle East, Dubai to port our glimpses win32 app into Microsoft Store.
It was really important for us to be able to take advantage of the best that windows 10 has to offer without rebuilding the glimpses app.
Desktop Bridge provided the perfect solution for us to be able to keep
all the work we’ve done before and embrace future, it is an obvious choice for us to give a more trustworthy source to users.
Working with Microsoft was a great and delightful experience. 
The guidance that was provided helped us immensely, they have been very supportive in the whole process. It’s the Microsoft engagement made glimpses win32 app to the Windows Store by using Desktop App Converter.
We strive to provide users with excellent end user experience so they can improve their productivity no matter where they are, On the desktop or on their mobile devices.
You can learn more on the technical process involved here in Microsoft blog.

In order to take full advantage of Windows 10, we are planning to release a native Universal Windows Application (UWP) version of glimpses soon.