How to get news without using a news app

Are you still using news apps in 2017 ? Give a much needed breather to your phone, save on disk space and memory and still get news — on the go, whenever you want!

Here’s How

There are various ways to find the Goya Magazine Bot on Facebook Messenger. Some would say the simplest would be to visit the address: This should open the Goya bot within Facebook Messenger on your phone.

You can also search for Goya in Facebook Messenger. Here’s how:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger on your phone.
Find Goya : Step 1

2. In the search box on top, type “Goya” and scroll down to the Discover tab.

3. Find Goya. Tap GET STARTED.

Chat with Goya :)

4. Fetch the latest story, by the instant.

5. Keep exploring different themes on Goya: Technology, Sports, Business, Fun Stuff, Serious Stuff, Really Serious Stuff.

So, don’t wait — click here and start chatting with our news bot.
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