Story-telling meets code — Goya Magazine-bot

What happens when story-telling meets code ?

Goya — a magazine-bot. Goya is an experiment born out of the need for more conversational experiences in story-telling, in a fast paced world.

We live in a world where information is changing at the speed of light and time (to consume this information) is at a high premium. While our hunger for knowledge is at an all time high, the time we have to consume, digest, and use this knowledge is perhaps at an all time low. Goya aims to solve this problem.

Why Magazine ?

Because, like a magazine we will use a broad lens and cover a wide range of topics — all relevant to the modern world and aimed to keep people entertained and informed. In that sense we are a magazine. We will be driven by popular demand, but we will not be trivial.

Why Code?

In the past decade, content crawling, Natural Language Processing, and messaging technologies have converged to create completely new possibilities.

At Goya, we plan to explore those possibilities. Goya is designed from the ground up to be conversational. Powered by the Kontiki Content Management Platform — which allows content to be produced as chat.

Our curation algorithm and crawlers pull content from the web, which then go to our editorial desk, where our team does the final magic needed to make the stories awesome.

Algorithms + Humans = magic

Our bet is that AI won’t kill editorial — it will augment and give them superpowers.

Why Chat ?

Humans are nothing without conversations. It is no wonder that conversational interfaces are gaining so much ground. At the root of story-telling is conversations. With the arrival of chat-bots — especially on Facebook Messenger — story-telling has, for the first time an avenue of returning to its roots. Of being narrated and consumed over conversations. We hope to achieve that magic via Goya bot.

Want to try Goya ? Head over to — we are in closed beta right now, but show us some love by clicking the green heart, and we will let you in!