The Art Of Writing On Goya

Remember: Goya wants to simplify information to suit the fast paced generation with no time to waste. So ditch the fluff and stick to the specifics.

#1: Do not exceed more than 7 points.

#2: Use gifs as representational visuals with each point to make the story interesting.

#3: When gifs are inappropriate, scourge the internet for the appropriate photographs.

#4: Keep the emojis at hand — use it where ever possible. But for serious stuff, use it carefully and scarcely.

#5: Don’t sound like a robot in your attempt to simplify things. Keep the content conversational.

#6: Try not to take on the role of pushing our opinions on to the users. Stay neutral, politically.

#7: We use all kinds of e-lingo, including TBH, AF, RN, LOL, LMAO, etc. But use only the mainstream abbreviations.

#8: Restricted foul language but not prohibited.

Goya is for the generation that has no time for frills and borders. So pace up and catch up with the speed of the next gen. That’s that. Get writing’1

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