Haven 1.2.15 🎙 “Ansible”

Dr Washington Sanchez
Mar 18 · 3 min read

We’re happy to announce the release of 1.2.15 ‘Ansible’, which brings some cool new features and fixes.

🎟 Coupons

For sellers, you can now set a coupon for your listing that will apply either a fixed price or % discount:

Coupon discounts can either be set at a fixed price, or as a percentage of the final price of the item.

Rest assured buyers on the network will not see the coupon code attached to the listing. You must provide the coupon code to a buyer for them to be able to apply it during checkout and claim the discount.

For buyers, you can now input coupons during checkout, which will be applied after it passes validation:

🤖 Technical corner: the hash of the coupon code is saved in the listing, which prevents anyone from applying the coupon discount after fetching the listing from the network or search. To apply the coupon in a purchase order, the hash of the coupon code you input during checkout must match one of the coupon hashes in the listing.

🗯 Delete comments from social posts

You can delete comments made in social posts!

📩 Send listing link to chat

When tapping the ‘Message’ button, in the seller profile section of a listing, the listing address will automatically be added to the chat input. This hopefully saves you a bit of time when you want to communicate to a seller about a specific item they’re selling.

🚧 Order messaging

Offline order messaging and payment detection continues to be a significant challenge, and we take your feedback and frustration very seriously. In this release, we take an important incremental step to improve the reliability of offline message detection and delivery.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  1. We’ve added more triggers to scan for offline messages when you’re browsing through the app (especially the history or purchases/sales)
  2. Every time you start the app, the OpenBazaar P2P engine will resend the last order message it sent out just in case the recipient failed to receive it.
  3. We’ve made some important performance upgrades to the supporting infrastructure for offline messages that OB1 provides to the community, which should cache your offline encrypted messages more reliably.

The upcoming ETH release will also contain some improvements to this part of the app, and we ask for your continued patience and understanding as we try to make this a flawless experience.

🐞 Push notification fixes

During the course of wiring-up push notifications for order messages, we discovered that some of our users were not receive all the push notifications they were meant to. This release contains an important fix for this that should restore push notifications delivery for all our users.

What’s next

  1. Push notifications for order updates
  2. More push notifications for reposts and when people follow you

Until next time… stay free, trade free 🙏

Download Haven now from the Apple App Store or Google Play and get your favorite cryptocurrencies ready to shop!


Why use apps that spy on you?

Dr Washington Sanchez

Written by

Co-founder of OB1; core-developer for OpenBazaar



Why use apps that spy on you? Shop, chat, and send cryptocurrencies privately using Haven.

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