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13 Tips for Women to Get a Celebrity Ready Body by Spring

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Hit the gym and get fit is usually the adage advice everyone hears but, the fact is you don’t have to do too many hard-core exercises and can still indulging at times. Shocked? Learn about a great workout routine and exercise preferences over here. I will also help you to remain on your fitness track and even get back to it after you have overindulged a bit!

1. Taking Breaks

It’s not necessary for you to workout that hard if you already workout 5–7 days a week and have a hectic schedule. You can even do a few days every week. Remember that, rest days are important and she has them too. If you workout extra hard and enjoy no rest days, you will exhaust the muscles and become more prone to getting injured.

2. Walking Over Running

If you don’t like to run, walk on the treadmill at a high incline. It helps to build muscle in legs and butt. You can even settle for getting on a spin bike for just 15 minutes. You should walk anywhere between six to eight percent incline and choose a speed where you don’t jog but get slightly out of breath.

3. Build Your Curves

You can build your curves by spinning and walking. The latter is very effective.

4. Workout Routine

For an effective routine, do butt exercises twice a week if you like to focus on that area. You can also do upper body and abdominal exercises a couple of times a week too. Do squats, runner’s lunge, bungee, and skating for lower body exercises. For upper back exercises, do chest opener, sexy back, swimmer, shoulder press and mega lats rows. At the end of every session of upper back exercises, a reverse plank should be done for two or three minutes as it targets the shoulders and abdominal muscles.

5. No Gym Exercises

If you hate the gym, use your body weight to exercise. You can do crunches or even planks! Consider buying a cheap resistance band for exercising as well.

6. No Pressure

Some people can exercise more than others. If you think you can exercise only for 2 or 3 times a week, you should stick to it. At least, try to do two sessions of 15 minutes each. One could be walking and another one could be working your core. While exercising, your focus should be on staying active as it helps you to avoid stress and stay healthy. The aim should never be just to lose weight or look a certain way.

7. Squats are Great

If you are seeking a simple exercise that works wonders, you should do squats! Doing 25 squats is good enough for beginners as they help you to start gaining strength.

8. No Deprivation

You should never deprive yourself of any food you want. It could be anything from a cupcake to a pizza. Just remember to have only a slice of pizza in a few days or just one small cupcake. Overindulging would do you no good. Stick to a healthy diet during the weekdays and indulge on the weekends. It will keep things balanced.

How to Get Back on Track after Overindulging?

If you have overindulged recently, then the former ballerina suggests you try the three amazing ideas listed over here:

9. Be Consistent

You can get back on track by doing exercises at least three to four times a week. Eat brightly colored organic foods like apples, squash, green salads and sweet potatoes. Adding some lean protein to your diet is smart as it will keep you on the right path by nourishing your body. Also, try portion control and eat every two or three hours. It will speed up our metabolism rate.

10. Hydrate

Drink enough water to keep your body at its best and facilitate the process of fat burning. The amount of water you must drink (in ounces) should be decided by multiplying your weight (in pounds) by two-thirds. You should add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of exercise.

11. Take Rest

You must get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep daily. It will reduce anxiety, stress and will promote proper hormonal function.

How to Exercise Consistently?

Falling off the wagon is part of life but don’t stress about it too much. You should be kind to your body and mind and stay positive. Remember that tomorrow is a new day. If you often find excuses to not exercise, here are a few things that might help to stay consistent with your fitness routine.

12. Join a Group Fitness Class

The atmosphere and the support system you get in a group fitness class will keep your morale boosted. A good instructor would help you to get motivated and challenged so that you can achieve all your fitness goals.

13. Workout with a Friend

Working out with someone will make you more accountable and you will have a positive support system. In turn, you will have a lot of fun while talking about the calories you burned or how sore you feel post workout. Working out with a bestie will also make you happier and the workouts a bit easier. So, you must go for it!

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