3 Reasons to Never Diet Again.

From the grapefruit diet, the raw food diet and the master cleanse, there is always an “it” diet plan. It promises a simple solution to our eating and weight issues.

Reality Check — There is no simple solution. Any fad diet that promises quick weight loss and unrealistic meal plans will never last. They promote unhealthy and unrealistic eating habits that are not sustainable in the long-term. The negative impact fad diets have on your body result in loss of motivation, weight gain and ultimately frustration. Here are 3 great reasons to ditch dieting and focus on incremental improvements

1. Live in balance.

Our bodies need a certain amount of calories to complete day-to-day activities and exercise. Each person has unique calorie needs that depend on a number of factors, including height, weight, age, gender and activity level.

When we consume too many calories, the excess calories are stored as body fat, resulting in weight gain. When you monitor what we eat week to week, you get a better understanding of how many calories you are eating versus how much you should be eating. Just remember to always focus on gradual weight loss — a pound a week to avoid any negative impact on your body.

2. Never miss out.

From a social and lifestyle point-of-view, fad diets don’t work the second you step outside your dieting bubble. Fad diets fail the moment you are out with friends, on vacation or pressed for time. The confinement of a fad diet is a sure sign it will disappoint sooner or later. When you focus on calories consumed rather than confining your diet, you will always find ways to make healthier choices in every situation. You can enjoy birthdays, parties and vacations simply by calorie counting — so eat that piece of cake or have a slice of pie, just cut the portion in half.

3. Be happy.

By getting a better understanding of what you are eating and how it impacts your body, you are building a better relationship with food. With apps like Poundaweek, you have a dietitian in your pocket; it keeps an eye on your diet and adjusts it specifically for you, every single week. By focusing on incremental weight loss week by week, you can easily deal with a minor setback one day because you still have the rest of the week to make it up, stick with it and you WILL reach your goals.

Live Well!

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