Do It For YOU, Not For Them!

It’s a sunny, cool Monday here on Long Island, and today’s message comes via request from one of my clients. Before I get into her question and why she asked this, if YOU ever have a question about weight loss, health, fitness or nutrition, and you don’t feel that I’ve adequately covered your question leading up to today, please shoot me a line and let me know what you’d like me to tackle so I can address it in a future post :-)

Anyhow, this client is recently married, and has had issue keeping her nutrition in check since her marriage date. While in our work together we’ve identified a few emotional triggers that I’m not going to be sharing with you, there’s a common one that she feels she experiences that so many people fight through, as well: Looking good for others, instead of herself!

Her example given was that during the week, we’re out and about, whether we’re working, running errands, etc. We’re in public more often, and due to our wanting to look good for and around OTHER PEOPLE, we’ll take more than 10 seconds to decide on an outfit, as well as taking the time for the fun makeup and hair bravado if you’re a female.

On the weekends, most of us don’t go into public as much, and as a result, don’t have to look as presentable. We’ll often lounge around our homes with our significant others (if we have one) or our families, not caring about how we look, what we eat, what we do, etc.

Now, I’m not saying you should be wearing a tux or you should have your hair done every second of every day, especially around people you’re comfortable with. However, we tend to want to look good for the wrong reason: Other people’s judgments of us.

We’re afraid of what other people will think of us if we’re not wearing the latest designer clothing, the right shade of makeup (Clearly those types of things aren’t an issue for me haha), or if we’re overweight. And while using your kids, your significant other or someone who’s reliant on you can be a great motivator, using them as your primary motivation is another way of seeking approval in your view of the world.

Please realize that this is YOUR life! If you’re reading this, then you see the world through YOUR eyes. Not your husband’s or your wife’s, not your kids’, not your parents’, not your friends’… Your’s!

Losing weight and being healthy shouldn’t just be done solely for the people in your life — It should be done FOR YOU, first and foremost. One of the things my Dad has told me time and time again, which was passed down to him from his dad, is that ‘Nobody can take care of you better than you can take care of yourself.’

I interpret this as meaning that while sharing your life with someone or having children can make you feel like your life is no longer your own, how you live your life is entirely up to you! Nobody force-feeds you, nobody makes you sit on the couch and watch Netflix instead of exercising… Those are all decisions YOU make.

Think about your quality of life for a second: Are day-to-day tasks like climbing stairs or tying your shoes tiring?

Do you have trouble keeping up with your kids?

Do you struggle with maintaining your energy throughout the day?

Is your self-confidence in the gutter because of your weight and how you feel you look because of your weight?

Have you recently been diagnosed with a medical condition as a result of your weight and/or your poor lifestyle habits?

Whatever the case may be, imagine doing NOTHING about it, and just letting those issues compound. Imagine being on a cocktail of medications like so many Americans are, that do nothing but MAINTAIN their conditions rather than curing them.

Imagine sitting at home all day, incapacitated and unable to take care of yourself because you’ve let yourself go.

Imagine not having the ability to interact with your friends, your family, your kids, or your significant other because of years of neglect.

I hate to say it, but that’s what’s in store if you need to make a change and don’t start to do something for YOURSELF!

Take a moment to think about emergency landing procedures on airplanes. Stay with me on this! When the flight attendants are going through the process before take-off, they say that when the oxygen masks deploy, put one on yourself before you help others — Even children! This is because if the cabin loses oxygen, and you’re freaking out trying to help your kid before yourself, you’re most likely going to pass out, and endanger your child because you didn’t get your situation right first.

The same holds true in life! Putting others (both others you know and love and others you’ll never know or love) before yourself isn’t the best or the healthiest motivation for making changes and living your best life. To truly embrace the lifestyle changes necessary to get healthy and to lose weight PERMANENTLY, you have to look at YOURSELF in the mirror, and treat YOURSELF well. This will enable you to do the same for the others in your life that matter at the highest level.

If your life isn’t where you’d like it to be due to your health or because of your weight, then let’s chat! I’ve been there before (minus the kids, the using of makeup and the having hair part), and I can help you overcome both your physical and your mental demons.

To set up a FREE 15 minute strategy call with me, please go to and book a date and time that works for you.

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Enjoy the rest of your day!


Coach Pete

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