Health & Fitness: Gateway to Personal Growth

This is based on my opinion and my experience. I’m sure some will feel differently about it, but this was very true for me and I’ve seen the same for many others. I believe that progress in health and fitness is the gateway to personal development. For me it really opened the door for progress, not only physically, but in countless other areas. Through the progress, curiosity, and interest that have grown out of it, it has fundamentally changed the trajectory of my life and I think it could do the same for you.

First off you’re taking control of your life in a big way. That’s a big responsibility. In a society where we all too often outsource everything it’s no wonder we try to do the same with our food choices, our fitness, and our health. Not that simplifying things aren’t good especially when you have so many other time constraints. However, that’s all the more reason to make this a priority in your life. It’s tough to challenge the image you or others have of you or step out and do things differently. You give yourself permission to be something greater, whatever that means for you. This is also the only way I know to physically see a change in yourself on a regular basis and that’s a powerful thing.

Through this you’ll learn so many tangible skills that translate to other areas of your life. From goal setting to perseverance, discipline to how you best learn and utilization of things you would never have been able to otherwise. I’ve used more math and science in the past few years than ever before, I’ve read more book in the past couple years than the rest of my life combined, and I’ve become so much more confident in other areas by taking control in this one realm. It will constantly challenge you and have you questioning some of the conventional wisdom you’ve always heard and bought into. You will begin to build a belief in yourself that you can change, grow and be better than you were. This, again, will have a powerful effect on you and will translate to other areas of your life.

Frankly, without health it’s nearly impossible to have anything else for very long. You grant yourself a degree of freedom that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Whether that’s saving money and time from doctor visits or pharmaceuticals, being able to move around properly as you age, not having issues like chronic headaches, fatigue, or lack of focus, or building the confidence and curiosity to step out of your comfort zone. You open up your world to be able to experience more and become more, not having to constantly worry about something being wrong with you or focusing on obstacles rather than the opportunities.

Through health and fitness I’ve learned a ton about myself, became a more confident individual and found a passion for learning and teaching others this stuff. In others, I’ve seen people shed their old perception of their limitations and perform at levels they previously convinced themselves were not possible. From losing 50 plus pounds, to performing better at work and gaining a promotion, finishing a marathon, having the courage to pursue their true goals and passions. The opportunities are endless when you take control of a part of you that you thought you couldn’t change. Best of luck on your journey and please, if you have any questions or need help in anyway feel free to reach out.

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