Health Warning: Diet Soda May Cause Weight Gain

It should come as no surprise that diet soda is, once again, making headlines.

This time, however, it has nothing to do with cancer… …or diabetes …or how bad it is for you. Once again, diet soda has been linked to INCREASED weight gain, which may have an impact on your fat loss.

Diet Soda and Fat Gain

When many people start to change their lives for the better — they avoid sugar-sweetened beverages and opt for diet soda.

They choose this option because it has ZERO calories and ZERO grams of sugar. Instead it is artificially sweetened — by a sweetener that is 10 times sweeter than sugar — in order to satisfy their craving for sugar-sweetened beverages. But, is diet soda a better option? Studies suggest that diet soda may increase your cravings for sugary foods… …your risk for developing diabetes …and an increased risk for developing certain cancers Now, a new study shows that diet soda may cause you to gain fat — by overeating at meals and snack times. The study looked at over 23,000 people who answered a 24-hour nutritional survey.

They found that those adults who drank diet soda ATE more when compared to those adults who drank regular, sugar-sweetened beverages.

The study looked at both overweight and obese adults. From these two subgroups, they found that the net caloric intake for overweight adults drinking diet soda was 88 calories and for obese adults drinking diet soda was 194 calories when compared to those drinking regular soda.

They concluded: “Overweight and obese adults drink more diet beverages than healthy-weight adults and consume significantly more solid-food calories and a comparable total calories than overweight and obese adults who drink SSBs. Heavier US adults who drink diet beverages will need to reduce solid-food calorie consumption to lose weight.”

Take Home Message

If you’re like most people looking to lose weight, you may turn to diet foods — such as snacks, fruit juices, and sodas — as a way to cut out unnecessary calories. But, this may actually be sabotaging your fat loss goals. Diet soda has been linked to increased sugary cravings, diabetes, and some cancers. But now, according to the results of this study, diet soda may also be linked to overeating at meals — therefore adding too many calories to your already packed day. This could lead to fat gain, therefore causing frustration and annoyance that you’re not losing weight.

The best thing to do: opt for water! Water not only fills you up — leaving less space in your belly for food — but it may also stimulate your metabolism— potentially leading to greater fat loss results.

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