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How I dropped 5 Kilos in lockdown by focusing on one metric

How you can do it, stay healthy and get lean

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From march 22nd, we had lockdown in India and when I last checked my weight in June end, my weight showed up 5 kilos less. That is from 65kg to 60kg weight. For my height being at 60.8kg brings me to little less than 25 on BMI scale. Which is considered a good number. There are many arguments about accuracy of BMI and…




Gradual change approach toward getting healthy, with personal weight loss stories, thoughts on diet, diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure, coping with debilitating conditions, sleep apnea, meditation, and healthy food choices.

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Manoj Surya

Manoj Surya

I write about everything I learnt to become better at life , endurance, health, books, reading and building products

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