How Many Times Have You Dieted? Personal Training for Morbid Obesity

In the course of your life, how many diets have you been on?

Have you ever tried to count the total number of diets?
Monkey Forest, Bali, 2011

I’m not just asking how many diets you started and lasted a respectable amount of time on.

How many diets did you start?

More than once every January?

How many additional diets did you think about starting, but never did due to your lack of willpower? We rarely keep track of this, but try.

I’m especially interested in hearing the responses of people who have gotten far far larger than society thinks acceptable. Have you reflected on this before?

Those of you who are technically morbidly obese or are well on your way, how many diets have you been on or started? Over what length of time?

Restricting Calories

How many times did you undertake or image doing a strict regimen of caloric intake?

  • How many times have you avidly kept track of daily calorie totals?
  • Have you kept a food journal?
  • Have you practiced portion control when you really wanted to eat more?

Training for Morbid Obesity

Myrtle Beach, 2004

It is in those instances when you were dieting — even those happy memories when you were envisioning a skinny future through dieting that you were learning the life skills necessary for lifelong morbid obesity.

Dieting teaches you all you need to know to become heavy for life.

Dieting teaches us:

  • Change must happen quickly
  • Repeated failure
  • Self-loathing
  • Lack of willpower
  • Foods as rewards
  • Craving
  • Binging

Diets give us shitty solutions that skinny people never do. Mirrors are bad, and scales are terrifying when on a diet.

Get Your Ass Off the Couch and Exercise Now!

Costa Rica, 2013

How many false exercise starts have you had?

How many gym memberships have you bought but never used?

Did you buy another one this January?

Have you had that trainer that pushed you past your breaking point?

Do you enjoy exercising?

If don’t enjoy exercising, do you really think you’ll continue?

If you don’t like exercising, buying a gym membership is not a lifestyle change, any more than going on a diet is. It's just a loss of time, income and self-image.

Virtually nobody who is dieting really believes they will become skinny — they KNOW they will be back up in weight, even if they drop.

This is causal, not correlative. Obesity is a systemic, not personal failing. The way you get morbidly obese is by going on a diet. Any diet will do.

Withholding your food desires doesn’t work.

How many times have you dieted? I really want to know!

last thing…

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