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I achieve my goals daily, and it’s easy. Here’s how.

Keep the end in mind

Learn how to effectively work with goals

You already have what you’re truly seeking

When you set a goal, you change

So why are my goals not manifesting?

Time for an analogy

Back to real life

Time for a wake-up call

But how do I wake up?

What’s the point of this?

Reality wants what you want

Your old self will die

Visit your goals dojo daily

Practice continually


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Gradual change approach toward getting healthy, with personal weight loss stories, thoughts on diet, diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure, coping with debilitating conditions, sleep apnea, meditation, and healthy food choices.

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Duncan Riach

Duncan Riach

Top Writer. Self-Revealing. Mental Health. Success. Fulfillment. Flow. MS Engineering/Technology. PhD Psychology.

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