How to Overcome a Cheat Day, a Cheat Week, or Even a Cheat Month…

It’s a sunny but cold day here on Long Island, and before I get into today’s message, I wanted to say RIP to the ‘Coach Pete’ moniker. It lasted about a year, it was fun, but Daddy’s (me) going in a different direction…

Personally, I thought the ‘Coach’ label was a little tacky, and also misrepresents what it is that I do. I’m not JUST a personal trainer. Yes, I have seven personal training certifications ranging from CrossFit to Weight Loss to Corrective Exercise, but as I’ve learned on both my personal and my professional journeys, fitness is hardly the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to my work, which is helping others to lose weight permanently through healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Going forward, I will just be ‘Pete’ to all, and hope that covers things…

Anyhow, today I want to talk about how to overcome an unexpected cheat day, cheat week or even cheat month. It happens, and sometimes even to those of us who do this for a living!

If you’ve been following me for the past month or two, then you’ve undoubtedly seen or heard my story about what happened after I got abs for the first time in my life last year. After having them for a few months, I got busy, became complacent and fell off my discipline.

I was slacking with my workouts, I ate whatever I wanted, and in just a 30 day period, I gained about 15 lbs…

While the situation has since been remedied, it happened! It happens to all of us, whether we’re on a strict regimen or not.

What’s most important when this happens is to nip the bad eating in the bud as quickly as possible. This can be done via this simple two step process:

1) Ask yourself WHY you fell off course! Was it as simple as having too much to drink, or is someone or something in your life really stressing you out? If it’s the former, drink less next time you go out. If it’s the latter, you have to find your emotional trigger(s), and approach them. If it’s a person, identify what in your relationship with that person is causing your stress, and make sure you hash it out. If it’s a place or a situation, figure out what it is that’s bothering you about that place or situation, and make whatever change(s) you need to make so it’s no longer an issue.

2) LEARN from your latest cheating binge! Like I stated above, if it was a simple case of a few too many drinks that lowered your inhibitions and caused you to say ‘What the hell?,’ then you need to cut back on that. If a person is causing you undue stress, you need to speak with that person and come to some sort of resolution. If it’s a place or a situation, make sure you take a mental note of how NOT to handle it the next time a similar one pops up.

Losing weight and being healthy is just as much, if not moreso a MENTAL game than it is a physical one! Don’t let bad lifestyle habits (like excess drinking) or emotional triggers (covered above) be your excuse to fall off the wagon.

Main Takeaway: We all fall down. The difference between a successful person and a (to be blunt) LOSER is whether we decide to get back up again, or not.

Until tomorrow!


Pete Weintraub

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