Investing in Your Health is NOT a Luxury!

It’s a misty day here on Long Island, and I have to say, I’m more focused than ever!

One of the ways I like to ‘escape’ from reality is to play a sports video game, like Madden or NBA 2K-whatever on my Xbox One. I’m not into bigger story games (aside from Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto), as these can take me too far from reality for too long. The games I play are usually 30–40 minutes — Perfect for a quick break!

That being said, those days are over. You see, my dog was left alone for a lot longer than usual this past Friday. I was gone from about 7:45 until 6:30, and my girlfriend wasn’t gone much less than that. Acting out of what can only be viewed as canine spite, the damn thing urinated on my Xbox! It won’t even turn on, so it’s safe to say that won’t be a distraction for me anytime soon….

I’m looking at this as a blessing in disguise, as it will keep me more focused on the tasks at hand: Building my business, and keeping my place clean (which has been an ongoing problem since I moved out on my own).

Anyhow, today I want to get into why investing in your health is NOT a luxury! Over the weekend, I’d mentioned that I attended my uncle’s 70th birthday party on Saturday. Quite a bit of my extended family showed up, and it was quite a get-together.

I was catching up with my aunt and uncle, who were asking me about what I did, how I delivered my different services, etc. When we got down to how much I charged, they were shocked at not only the range of options, but moreso the cost!

My aunt, trying not to be rude, asked, “How do you find people to pay you that much for a luxury?”

If you know me, then you know there’s one stereotype that I absolutely HATE about how my (and how many other folks in the health and fitness industry’s) services are perceived by the general public: It’s something for the affluent. It’s a luxury, like going to a hair salon, or having someone come to clean your home when you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Um, no it isn’t!

It doesn’t matter how much or how little I or other health practitioners charge. What it comes down to is your willingness to invest IN YOUR HEALTH, before you’re too far gone!

Forget the weight loss thing for a second. While that’s my specialty, let’s be real: The best way to tackle permanent weight loss is to instill regular, healthy practices into your life. These include elements of mindset, nutrition and fitness — In that order!

I want you to think about someone close to you who’s struggling with a debilitating health condition. They may be elderly, or they may not. Think about what they have to go through. Regular doctor’s appointments, which result in an addition to the cocktail of medications they’re currently on like clockwork every six months (and it doesn’t even FIX the issue — It masks the cause!). The inability to care for themselves due to these conditions, and their reliance on others. The shame that they feel for not having their own independence.

How can I possibly know what that’s like? I’m not even 30 yet!

To be transparent, my grandmother is going through this right now at the age of 82. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a neurological condition called myasthenia gravis. Basically, the neural connections between her brain, her neck and her jawline are all messed up. Every few months, she needs to get a treatment called an IV-IG, which prevents her from unintended slurring of her speech and having her head sunk down with her chin on top of her chest.

She used to be very independent. When I still lived in my hometown (where she currently lives with my aunt), I’d often see her while I was driving, walking home with a boatload of groceries. Sometimes she’d walk all the way across the town! Of course, I’d offer her a ride, which she’d reject half the time because she enjoyed being outside moving around.

She was social, she was happy… But when this happened, and she just gave into prescription after prescription, and ESPECIALLY after breaking her hip last summer, she just gave up.

I see her a couple of times a week on Tuesdays and Fridays so she gets some exercise in, and when it comes to her hip, she’s doing a lot better! What I can tell on most days when I visit her is that she’s miserable, and unfortunately, does not have the desire to help herself.

One thing my family (immediate or extended) is NOT known for is for having good dietary habits. I was the king of eating tons of pure and utter shit, after all! I wonder if she cleaned up her eating, exercised regularly, and perhaps saw a therapist to work out any emotional issues, if her neurological condition may improve…

That being said, I don’t want you to get there! It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are — Your health can be salvaged MOST of the time! You just have to want to salvage it.

So, do me a favor? Whether it’s making the decision to work with me, or somebody else to better your health, your fitness, your diet, whatever, don’t let dollars and cents be the focal point of your decision. While you should certainly not pay for a service you cannot afford, do NOT reject something just because you have this preconceived notion of what something like this SHOULD be worth in your head.

How much is your health worth? It’s priceless!

And would you rather be paying your hard-earned money to better your health NOW, or 20, 30 or even 40 years from now, when there ain’t any more coming in, and it’s too late?

Some food for thought. Talk to you tomorrow.


Pete Weintraub

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Again, this is not a pitch for my services… This is to get you to see the true value of your health, which is priceless! This is YOUR life. Not mine. Your’s! Only YOU can make it better.

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