Meet Lyle, The First AI-Powered Weight Loss app for dudes!

We all know when it comes to nutritional apps or health and fitness apps in general we’ve kind of seen it all already. We’ve all tried counting calories, fad diets etc but the thing about all of these tools or products is that most guys just don’t use them. No guy likes calorie counting and to be honest when it comes to weight loss for men the average male seems to only have two options — try and get ripped in 6 weeks or be a woman! At least that was the case until now. Introducing Lyle the first AI-powered nutritional weight loss coach for men.

Unlike other nutritional apps that are centered around calorie counting and pointless graphs, Lyle has taken a completely different approach to how things are traditional done. Lyle is designed to learn more about you and your lifestyle over time so that he can make the best suggestions and recommendations. Talk to Lyle as you would your personal trainer or dietitian. Once users sign up they are instantly faced with a chat screen and the conversation with your coach starts.

Lyle app

“we’ve built this app with the normal guys in mind, who just wants to lose weight and feel good about themselves,” says CEO Philip Kasumu.”Men are considered a “niche” when it comes to weight loss which is complete nonsense as 3 out of 4 men are overweight. Not every guy wants to be a bodybuilder or be really ripped which seems to be the only solutions out there these days. Some guys just want to lose weight, feel good and — more importantly — not have to do too much thinking. Men just want to be told what to do. No other nutritional app does that, most just give out generic meal plans, create arbitrary calorie intake numbers and let you track what you’ve already done which doesn’t help.”

Not everyone is used to “quantifying” themselves as if they were some sort of scientific experiment which is what calorie counting can feel like at times. But, everyone is used to getting advice via text and that’s what’s great about Lyle, it just doesn’t feel like a normal nutritional app. Once users sign up Lyle will start the conversation and walk you through a short consultation. After that, he starts to make subtle changes and sets you tasks and goals to help you lose weight making the weight loss journey very seamless and easy.

The mission is to help 1,000,000 men lose weight and feel good. “We want to help guys lose weight and keep it off forever” says Kasumu. “It’s all about losing weight in a fun, healthy and sustainable way which doesn’t include restrictions or consuming extremely low calories.”

The app will be launching this March on iOS so you can sign up via the website if you’re interested in joining the waiting list. Lyle is a team of 6 based in New York and London.

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