getHealthy: Purpose & Looking for Writers

In the past few years I have changed my life through a process of slow, gradual change. I have gone from being morbidly obese to losing 100 pounds while getting rid of diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. This transformation has been a journey — one with a clear direction but unclear end point. I will use this publication to tell my story and how my message of gradual change can lead to transformative results.

I am looking for writers to tell their personal health journey, elaborating on their experiences, passion and advice for getting healthy. Health in this sense is both a state of mind and physical condition of the person. The potential topics are endless. Like mine, the topic might be able weight loss, or may be about living with a debilitating condition, or stretching, exercise or meditation approaches that lead to a healthier, clearer state of mind.

Bottom line, I’m looking for writers interested in the helping others succeed in their personal health journey. If writing in getHealthy is of interest to you, drop me an email at ndickover at gmaildotcom or submit an article!

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