Resisting Temptation at the Good Ol’ Weekend Party

With the holidays over and the weekend fast approaching, you may be heading to a party this weekend. The party can be a celebration of many things: A wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, a communion, or even just one of your rich friends looking to show off his/her new home.

Whatever the occasion, don’t let it be your excuse to throw good nutrition by the wayside!

During my personal journey of losing 100 lbs, I had quite a few experiences of ‘being good’ all week, and then throwing it to the wind come the weekend thanks to these parties. Even simply hanging out with friends would result in an extreme overabundance of beer and pizza! Have you ever seen a guy drink six beers and eat a whole pie of pizza by himself?

Yeah, that was this guy :-/…

Anyway, to resist the constant temptation from the waiters and waitresses surrounding you with tasty horderves, follow these three simple steps to minimize your chances of giving in to junk food this weekend:

1. Eat a filling, HEALTHY meal before the event. This way, you’re not starving, cranky or more apt to deviate from your good choices while at the party.

2. Bring a healthy snack with you. Some of these events aren’t right around the corner, and require a bit of a drive to get there. Carrying some organic, raw almonds in the car, for example, may help you to alleviate any hunger you’ll feel before, during and after the event.

3. Drink plenty of water. You might want to hold off on this in the car (unless you want to stop at every rest stop along the way), but grab as much water as you can during the event. This will help to keep you fuller longer, which obviously results in a much lower chance of you grabbing a tasty but harmful ‘treat.’

If you have a party this weekend and are worried about cracking, try these three tips out, and let me know how it goes :-)



Coach Pete

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