Of course milk with cookies/cupcakes or any dessert tastes good together, but how forgiving is your stomach afterwards?

Skip the Milk.

There, I said it. Skip the milk, it’s not important for us!

You’re probably confused as to why I’m saying this so let me explain why milk is irrelevant to our health and well-being. This may help you.

The purpose of cow’s milk is to turn a 65 pound calf into a 400 pound cow as rapidly as possible.

Do you realize why the only important milk that we need is the one that we recieved from our mom as a baby? Just think, all milks are meant for that animals’ baby. Milk from cows, goats, sheep, etc are all meant for there babies (NOT for us humans). These milks are not meant for human consumption. They are filled with different nutrients and minerals that we do not necessarily need.

Cow’s milk is for the baby calf, not meant for humans

Studies show that over 65% of people have a hard time digesting lactose after infancy. This intolerance is due to the lactose, a type of natural sugar that is found in milk and dairy products. Milk protein, casein can also contribute to allergic reactions when milk is consumed. So you’d think the simple solution is to switch to lactose free milk… Wrong!

What about the saying, “Milk builds strong bones”? It’s a myth. Yes milk has calcium but it also has a lot of other bad ingredients for our health. So opt to get your calcium intake from whole foods such as broccoli, green beans, almonds, and fish.

We’ve covered the fact that whole milk is not necessary and how it causes an intolerance to lactose and that there’s other ways to get your calcium intake... But if you need to drink milk or have dairy, cannot live without it, and do not notice a problem with your stomach acting up, then kefir is your best option because it is fermented milk which no longer has lactose in it and is filled with probiotics. Read further for the best dairy free options.

The worst milk options if you are not drinking kefir or milk alternatives are the following: lactose free milk, fat-free milk, skim milk, organic milk, low-fat 1% and reduced fat 2% milk, and soy milk. Why are these milks so bad? If you do not have to DO NOT drink these milks!

  • These milks have been ultra-pasturized in order to change the consistency and its shelf life. If you drink the above mentioned milks, how long till your milk goes bad? Does it ever go bad?
  • Any fat free, low fat, reduced fat milk is substituted with sugar which can cause weight gain and weight problems, especially people that consume an excessive amount of milk.
  • Soy milk is bad because it contains hormones that mimic the actions of estrogen in our bodies. Men and women will have different side effects to soy but because of additional estrogen it causes a hormonal imbalance. It can effect: breast growth, fat deposits on the hips, menstrual and reproductive problems

The best alternatives to milk

If you need a little milk flavor, that…

1. Is not full of lactose and casein

2. Won’t upset your stomach

3. Cause an allergic reaction

Here are some substitutions to use when eating your cereal, baking a dessert, or putting together your homemade salad dressing:

Try these top milk alternatives, but make sure they’re unsweetened!
  • Coconut milk (unsweetened) the first paleo milk option that you may think of because even unsweetened it has a great taste! It’s creamier than the other options and you can substitute in cooking and baking easily! However, if you don’t tolerate coconuts to well, try a nut milk as an alternative
  • Almond milk (unsweetened) not as easy to find in stores and can be filled with sugar and other ingredients that are not necessary. When purchasing a nut milk make sure to look at the ingredients to find the most natural one. Just like they taught you back in elementary school, READ the fine print! Or better yet, make your own at home!
  • Rice milk (unsweetened) make sure its from white rice and not brown rice! This means that you check the label to make sure that brown rice syrup and brown rice starch are not included. Rice milk can be tricky because they add thickening add-ins, but it is an alternative to milk products and to anyone that has a hard time tolerating coconut or other nut milks.

P.S. you do not need milk from animals! Although you may use it in your morning cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal, or as a way to cook or bake with, next time try using a milk alternative! If you’ve had an upset stomach after consuming a milk product, you’ll realize that the milk alternative won’t leave you with discomfort! It’s worth a try especially since so many of us are lactose intolerant, including myself!

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