Stop Complicating Your 2017 Fitness Goals

Always Keep Things Simple

2017 is the year that we all get back in shape for better or worse. Say bye-bye to your expanding waistline, and hello to a healthy fitness regime. Here are some simple fitness tips to help keep you on the right path to have a maintaining your New Year’s resolution.

1. Be Honest

Do you desire lasting change or just a seasonal “tune-up”? Our efforts are amplified when we become emotionally vested. Ponder your motivational triggers and write them down. Add some pictures. Whenever you feel like quitting, read them. Maybe add a few more. Better yet, find someone to share them with, someone that will not hesitate to call you out on your own excuses.

2. Know Yourself

Know yourself. Do you get frustrated when you have to change your weekly routine or are you random and sporadic? Either way create a schedule that enhances your behavior. Some of us want to exercise at 6 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and drink breakfast smoothies on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Others prefer boot camps on Tuesdays mornings, yoga or meditation Wednesdays nights, and salmon on Saturdays. Whenever possible, carve out times for fitness and nutrition, but be ready to reschedule. Life happens.

3. Find Alternatives

None of us are ecstatic to relinquish part of our daily lives. Even our most healthy detrimental factors can be replaced with satisfying options. This applies to both food and activities. Ask around. There’s a lot of us out there that have discovered better choices. It may take some trial and error, but don’t give up. Remember your motivations.

4. Enjoy Your Community

From now until summertime, communities all around us offer various events to celebrate where we live. Skim various media sources. Talk to your extended network. Doing something different is still doing something. The more we learn to love where we live the more we love the life we live.

5. Find Mental Fitness

This is an extremely busy time of year. People are everywhere and we all have personal agendas. While you may be a calm, easy going person, the anxiety around can derail a positive attitude. Even if it’s 5 minutes sitting in the car before you drive off to work, find a quiet moment to focus on what you’re accomplishing and love the crap out of yourself.

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