Surviving Valentine’s Day

It’s a cool, windy day here on Long Island, and when I’m done writing this to you, it’s time for my big weekly trip to the grocery store! Happens every Monday evening like clockwork, and I’m so stoked… NOT!

Anyway, with Valentine’s Day looming, I want to preface today’s message by saying to all my fellas out there, PLEASE remember to get something between now and tomorrow evening for your significant other. For my lovely ladies reading this, you’re welcome :-)

Valentine’s Day often is a day of unraveling for folks on their health and weight loss journeys. Thanks to genius marketers everywhere, it’s associated with spoiling that special someone with illusions of grandeur and decadence, such as expensive jewelry, flowers, cards, chocolate and a nice meal out.

Like so many holidays throughout the year, this one poses quite a few of the same challenges as all the others…

For starters, candy and chocolate are regular gifts, and it’s probably a tradition on your end to ingest a box of these at some point tomorrow.

May I remind everyone that the chocolates you’re receiving and/or are sharing are NOT real chocolate, and are most likely loaded with sugar and artificial junk? I know it tastes good, but all you’re doing is re-stimulating your body’s cravings for sugar by eating stuff like this, which isn’t the best idea, is it?

Dark chocolate is your best bet if you want to go the chocolate route, but keep in mind that dark chocolate doesn’t taste half as good as milk chocolate! Unless you already have an acquired taste for it, it’s probably best that you do without the chocolate this year, and go down a different ‘thoughtful gift’ route. The bouquet with a card and a cute stuffed animal work just fine on their own!

Now, there’s dinner at a fancy restaurant. While the food may be delicious, it’s often not the healthiest. A lot of folks throw their diets by the wayside when they go out to eat on a special occasion, but you’re not most people, are you? ;-)


How do you know if the food you’re eating is healthy? You don’t. Unless you’re physically present in the restaurant’s kitchen watching the cook make your dish, you have absolutely no way of knowing what’s really in your meal.

How do you make the best decision about what to get? By remembering these two sentences: “Eat (organic) meats, vegetables, (raw) nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no (added) sugar. Eat ONLY when hungry, and just to satisfy — NOT to stuff your face.”

Another tip that can save you some time on your marble throne (that’s a funny way of saying toilet), as well as some money, is to cook a healthy meal for the two of you at home! Light some candles, dim the lights, pour a couple of glasses of red wine, play some death metal or whatever tickles your fancy, and have a great time!

Not sure what to make? Get a copy of my Healthy Recipe Book, and take a recipe out of the ‘Dinner’ section.

You can get your copy of the Recipe Book by going here:

Until tomorrow!


Coach Pete

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