To Diet or To Exercise? THAT Is the Question!

It’s a beautiful day here on Long Island, and it’s a relatively light one for me from an appointment perspective. This is good, because I have to prepare my first article for the Levittown Tribune (my local newspaper), which I will be providing a weekly column for. My first article debuts in next week’s edition :-)

The editor liked my story so much that he’s even going to try to get me into some of the other local papers in neighboring towns, as they’re all owned by the same company.

Oh, da baby!

Anyway, let’s talk about an extremely common misconception most folks have about what they need to do to lose weight, and KEEP IT OFF! More specifically, where they’ll turn when they realize they have some weight to lose and want to keep it off, and why that’s not the best idea…

What’s always among the Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions each year? Yup! To lose weight, and in order to do so, the joining of a gym. Gym memberships worldwide go up by 12% in the month of January, but by the start of Q2 (that’s April for you non-corporate folks), that number dwindles back down to around where it was prior to the New Year’s boom. Most resolutionists don’t stay the course, often due to a lack of results within the first 8–12 weeks of the year.

The reason for this disappointment? Because they’re tackling the issue at the wrong end…

Exercise is GREAT for health, but let’s face it: Working out does absolutely NOTHING for weight loss on its own! While it can certainly help to rev your metabolism, that’s not going to do much if you’re continually killing your metabolism with poor, daily food choices.

The notion of out-exercising a bad diet isn’t just wrong, but at this point, it’s plain old STUPID!

This is why I preach this three-tier hierarchy for losing weight and keeping it off: 1) Mindset, 2) Nutrition and 3) Fitness — IN THAT ORDER!

If your mind ain’t right, then you’re NEVER going to stay the course with the physical aspects required to lose weight, burn fat and make proper nutrition and regular exercise routine aspects of your life — Even if you’re seeing results on the physical end!

And if your nutrition isn’t right, then all that time spent exercising is just being wasted…

It’s like taking a bunch of practice swings in your garage with a baseball bat, and then somehow expecting to step into a batter’s box in a Major League stadium and hit a 95 mph fastball at the professional level, despite having never seen any pitches of this magnitude. Hint: IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! In order for you to even touch a pitch thrown that hard, you have to practice hitting them…

On my programs, my clients and I tackle the three tiers I mentioned above, IN THAT ORDER! Week 1 is all mindset-based, identifying emotional triggers for the decision to make poor food choices, and then creating an action plan to overcome these so that these triggers are no longer a threat to you, your health or your goals.

THEN, in Week 2, we dive into nutrition. During this time, I’d create a Dietary Analysis to show you what you’re doing well, and what can be improved nutritionally. Once that’s established and reviewed at the start of Week 2, we’ll create an action plan so that you can hit the ground running! After that, we do personalized fitness based upon the type(s) of exercise you liked, and you’re off to the races… :-)

So, what does solid nutrition entail? Just follow these two sentences and you’re good: “Eat meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no (added) sugar. Eat ONLY when hungry, and just to satisfy — NOT to stuff your face.”

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Take the above two sentences, and begin applying them to what you eat. It doesn’t matter if you’re dining out or preparing a meal at home. By using those sentences as a guide, you can NOT go wrong!

Talk to you tomorrow :-)


Pete Weintraub

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