Weight Loss Tip: How to Motivate Yourself During a Workout

It’s a cool, misty day here on Long Island, and I’m still coming off the high that was Opening Day! The Mets walloped the Braves 6–0, starting off the season strong and making the train issues getting home (thanks New Jersey Transit derailment!) a lot more tolerable… :-)

Today, let’s talk about how to stay motivated during a workout. Lets’ face it: Even when we constantly change things up, there are days where we don’t even want to get out of bed, let alone move around, grunt and sweat. One of the keys to making your transformation PERMANENT is by instilling consistency and discipline into your life.

So, let’s dig in, shall we?

When I work out, I get this sort of ‘tunnel vision.’ I create my ‘plan’ heading in, warm up for a few minutes, and then hit the ground running. Often, I’ll have music playing in the background to keep me in this trance-like state.

Many of you may already do this, but here’s something to consider: You want to play music that MOTIVATES you! It can’t be generic, lovey-dovey stuff that you’d listen to while trying to woo someone on your couch… It’s got to be fast-paced, and it has to get you MOTIVATED to hit it hard!

Personally, I’m a rocker. I like all forms of rock, spanning the past 60 years. However, during my workouts, I’ll mainly listen to hard rock from the last 20–30 years, as the ‘intensity’ of the music has ramped up in my humble opinion. Bands that continually pop up during my workouts are Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Soil, and Sevendust.

Yeah, THAT kind of rock…

Additionally, I’ve gotten to a point that I genuinely enjoy taking the 30–40 minutes I allot for exercise every day. It’s ‘me’ time, and ain’t nothin’ or nobody gonna disturb me during that time! The methods and intensity of my workouts may change, but this is time that I’ve booked on my calendar that NOBODY can get through to me during (unless, of course, it’s an extreme emergency that requires my immediate attention).

Seriously! I’ll put my phone on silent, and won’t check it until I’ve cooled down, showered, and had some post-workout nutrition between 15–30 minutes AFTER I’ve finished up.

While we often suffer from a Martyr Syndrome when taking time for ourselves and nobody else, this alleviates quickly, as you’ll FEEL better after working out and taking time to work on numero uno: YOU!

Exercise releases dopamine, the pleasure hormone, in our brains. This dopamine release is comparable to the dopamine release we experience during sex and during the ingestion of certain illegal narcotics — The only difference being that the chances of working out getting you into trouble as compared to the other two examples I just mentioned are slim-to-none :-)

I tackle my workouts like I tackle a task each day: It’s got to get done, and now’s the time! It doesn’t matter what else I have going on. The time I’ve allotted is the time I’ve allotted, and I’m going to make every second count. Whatever problems or issues going on in my life don’t exist during that period.

The funny thing is, I’ll often have a better perspective and clarity on the subject(s) eating at me upon completion of my workout.

The Main Takeaway: Taking time for the betterment of your mind and your body is NOT a bad thing. Quite the contrary! Look at exercise as an outlet for stress, anxiety and the over-stimulation of your capacity. Use it to calm down, take a step back and improve EVERYTHING, because that’s what it does!

Until tomorrow.


Pete Weintraub


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While this article was about fitness, exercise is a supplementary component of health and weight loss. Studies show that working out by itself is NOT conducive to weight loss of any sort. I can personally vouch for that, both through my personal experiences, as well as through the experiences of not-so-dedicated past clients…

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