What Does Nike Have to Do with Losing Weight?

It’s by far the nicest day of the year here on Long Island! It’s sunny, humidity is low, and it’s nearly 70 degrees :-) Even better, in a few hours I’m heading to the airport to fly down to West Palm Beach in Florida. My parents and I are going to Spring Training for the Mets from tonight through Sunday evening.

We’ll be catching a couple of games in Port St. Lucie, soaking up the beautiful weather that’s on tap (sunny skies with temperatures between 80–85 degrees) and it’ll be a nice getaway for a couple of days. Jealous much? :-p

Anyhow, today I want to talk about what Nike has to do with weight loss. Offhand, you may be thinking about how their moisture-wicking apparel might be great for the warm months coming up, and yes, that’s indirectly related to what’s on my mind.

What stands out most about Nike is their slogan. It’s three words, it’s simple, but it embodies everything you need to know if you want to successfully lose weight and KEEP IT OFF!

The slogan?

Just Do It.

When I first studied the origins of this catchphrase in college, my mind was blown! This is not only one of, if not THE most catchy slogans to ever be phrased by a major organization, but it differentiates who succeeds versus who fails at any endeavor in life.

If you’re hell-bent on losing weight and keeping it off, then you’re willing to do whatever’s necessary. You’ll make the appropriate lifestyle changes, whether it be meal prep, attention to grocery shopping, daily exercise… Whatever!

If you’re OK with yo-yoing with your weight, spinning your wheels, and never sustaining any consistent result, then you’ll use phrases like ‘I’ll try’ or ‘I’ll do my best,’ or even let the fates decide how your life will unfold for you.

I hate to break it to you, but I’m not a fan of saying that you’ll either ‘try’ or ‘do your best.’ In fact, I like replacing these phrases with the word ‘working…’

So you may not yet know how to properly prep meals, and your initial ideas about how to handle dietary changes may not have gone according to plan the first time around. That doesn’t mean you give up! You just keep WORKING and you try another strategy until you find one that does.

So you may not yet know the best forms of exercise for you or your body, whether it be for your current fitness level or for just maintaining your interest in partaking in regular exercise. Try some local exercise classes, find what you like, and go from there!

Saying that you’re going to ‘try’ is a cop out. While we’ve been raised to look at this word as a modest means of saying you’ll work hard, it subconsciously releases personal liability in the event a particular goal isn’t reached.

Obviously, there are certain things that simply aren’t possible. If you’re pushing 70, it’s not likely you’re going to play in the NBA. It doesn’t matter what your vertical is, how much of a sharpshooter you are, or what have you… The league likes young talent, and most of these guys are freak athletes.

That being said, losing weight and keeping it off is within everyone’s grasp! With the right attitude and the right strategies in place, you can stop yo-yoing and get things under control, FOR GOOD!

Enjoy the weather you maverick renegade B-)


Coach Pete


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Until tomorrow!

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