Why We Get Fat and How You Can Lose It For Good

Where’d the warmth go?! It’s a sunny but cool day here on Long Island, and it’s chilly as a dumpster-filled gristle! Thank God I head to Florida this weekend…

In case you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Mets fan, and will be attending a couple of Spring Training games for the first time in my life. Saying I’m stoked would be a major understatement! We head out Friday afternoon, and will be returning late Sunday night. To my clients who would be hopeful of me taking Monday off: Come on, did you really think I’d let you off the hook? I work federal holidays, and have even seen clients on July 4th. You don’t get off that easy! :-p

Anyhow, today I want to give a foreshadowing to both a report and a mini-course that I’m working on. Both analyze the American diet, and why so many Americans struggle with their weight, and ultimately, their health. Additionally, these new materials will explore why most diets and fitness programs will only get you to a short-term goal, and why you’ve never seen PERMANENT success on your health and weight loss journeys.

Let’s dive in a little bit, shall we?

The USDA recommends that we ingest 50% or more of our daily food intake from carbohydrates. To take that a step further, they recommend that we get most of that carbohydrate consumption from nutrition-less processed carb sources like grains and added sugars! You know, the breads, pastas and rices of the world that have absolutely no nutritional value, and can lead to some serious health conditions…

Here’s why that’s not only a TERRIBLE idea for weight loss, but a TERRIBLE idea for health, in general: When we consume carbohydrates, we begin a process in our bodies called The Insulin-Resistance Cycle. Long story short, this cycle starts with the over-ingestion of carbohydrates, which as I mentioned, our government recommends we do. Our bodies secrete the hormone insulin to regulate our blood sugar, and as a result, the carbs we ingested are distributed instantly to our cells, muscles and organs in need of stimulus.

The issue with such a high percentage of our diets coming from processed carbohydrates is that there’s going to be way more fuel injected into our blood streams than our bodies need at that moment. As a result, two things happen:

1. We experience a pretty massive blood sugar spike, and then drop. Ever wonder why you get that 2:00 feeling, or you’re a ‘grazer’ who needs to nibble throughout the day? Hunger is often your body’s way of telling you that it needs more fuel to stay both awake and alert. If you’re ingesting processed carb after processed carb after processed carb throughout the day, then that’s a lot of severe blood sugar spikes and drops that you’re experiencing on a regular basis. This will lead to,

2. The excess carbohydrate that’s not needed by our bodies right away being stored as FAT. Yes, body fat is our body’s way of storing the excess energy (or carbohydrates) we ingest for potential periods of starvation.

Fat is a slow-burning energy source, as opposed to carbohydrates, which are literally instant! If you need a quick pick-me-up, a healthy carb like an apple will do you some good for an hour or two. If you’re looking for long-term, sustainable energy throughout the day, then you’re going to want to eat a food consisting of healthy fats, like almonds, instead…

Getting back to the Insulin Resistance Cycle, as we continue to pound our bodies with excess processed carbohydrates, we tend to accumulate quite a bit of visceral fat. This has contributed significantly to the obesity epidemic, not just in this country, but around the world.

To take things one step further, after years of this type of unknowing abuse on our bodies, our cells begin to RESIST insulin. This means that our bodies are no longer able to safely regulate our blood sugar, which can make us Pre-Diabetic, and eventually, Type-2 Diabetic. Saying that someone has Type-2 Diabetes is a sciencey way of saying that their bodies are insulin-resistant.

As I mentioned a few days ago, while Type-2 Diabetes can be a deadly disease in and of itself if left untreated, it’s a REVERSIBLE (for some reason, a lot of people don’t know this) gateway disease for more serious and permanent conditions like heart disease, various forms of cancer and even neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s. Obviously, nobody wants to open up that can of worms if they can help it!

Some folks believe in fate or some dumb shit like that, and that if they’re meant to die of a heart attack, they’re meant to diet of a heart attack. That, my friends, is the epitome of STUPID!

Can you get hit by a bus walking down the street today? Sure!

Can you look both ways before crossing the street like mommy and daddy taught you to do when you first learned to walk? Yes, you can!

Can you avoid staring at your phone while you’re walking across the street and a bus is speeding at you? Yes, you can!

See where I’m going with this?

I’ve also mentioned previously that there’s a study of gene manipulation called epigenetics. Basically, just because you’re born with a specific genome that predisposes you to weight gain, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions, doesn’t mean that those genes are going to be turned on. Moreover, you can literally CHANGE your genetic sequencing so that the gene(s) making you susceptible to heart disease GOES AWAY!

Pretty cool stuff, right?

‘So, how can I lose the weight, keep it off and simultaneously improve my health?,’ you may be asking. Glad you asked!

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Coach Pete


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