You Only Need 3 Things to Get a Good Workout In

Happy Sunday! It’s a sunny but bitterly cold day here on Long Island, and we’re all bracing for a Nor’Easter headed our way this Tuesday. For my area, specifically, they’re predicting about 18 inches! That means lots of time spent indoors Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday depending on when it stops and how quickly the roads and all are cleared.

So, without the ability to get out of the house, does that mean you just sit on the couch, binge on hot cocoa and Netflix?

Not entirely! I’m 99.9% sure that you already have everything you need in your home to get a good workout in, so don’t let the weather be an excuse ;-)

Which brings me to today’s topic: The only three things you need to get a good workout in!

Because of ‘the gym’s’ outstanding way of butting its way into our psyches, we seem to think that unless we’re in a crowded dungeon flooded with weights, machines and cardio equipment, we’re incapable of being able to exercise, and are thus unable to become a fit individual.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! So, what do you REALLY need to get a good workout in?

Three things:

1) Some Floor Space. Unless you’re living in one of those New York City micro-apartments that have maybe three steps’ worth of floor space, I’m willing to bet you have an adequate amount in your home.

How do you know what’s adequate? Take a second, and lie on your back on the ground. Have your legs fully extended, and have your arms fully extended overhead. If you’re not at risk of knocking into anything, then you’re in good shape.

Bonus points if your ceiling is high enough for your to put your arms straight overhead. I’m sure that’s also not a problem ;-)

2) A Smartphone. This comes in handy for a few reasons…

For starters, studies have shown that people who listen to their favorite music when they exercise tend to have better workouts. So, open up iTunes, Spotify or whatever music streaming service you use, and crank the tunes up!

Second, for those of you short on time (and for those who have been following me for a while), then you know I’m a huge proponent of interval training! Look up methods like Tabata, HIIT and FIT, and program the appropriate intervals into an interval training app. There are literally hundreds of these that can be found in your phone’s app store. For a detailed video on how to download and use an interval timer, check out my video here:

Lastly, remember my message the other day about using your Calendar App to schedule non-negotiable blocks of time for your workouts? Don’t forget to keep doing that so that nobody can interrupt you! If possible, try to do this early in the morning before unexpected events of the day can butt into that time.

3) Your Body. While I often advocate for resistance training that can be done with a light-to-moderate pair of dumbbells, all you need is YOUR BODY!

True fitness isn’t about how much you can bench or deadlift. It’s about your ability to manipulate your body to your will, and do what’s needed in any situation…

While heavy lifting and isolation exercises can help you when rehabbing or when preparing for a physique competition, these things won’t help you in life-or-death situations. And while I don’t want to think morbidly, I’d much rather be prepared for any curveball life throws at me than be able to brag about how much I can bench.

So, there you have it! The only three things you need to get a good workout in. Now enjoy the rest of your weekend, you maverick renegade!


Coach Pete

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