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Press Coverage Recap

Giri Sreenivas
Oct 24, 2018 · 2 min read

Here’s a recap of press coverage from our launch last week:

- Ars Technica: Meet Helm, the startup taking on Gmail with a server that runs in your home

- Axios: Host your own e-mail

- Business Insider: This $500 device wants to make it easy for you to ditch your Google or Yahoo email account

- Bloomberg: Are Consumers Worried Enough to Buy a Personal Computer Server?

- Bloomberg Technology (TV): The Startup Behind the Anti-Cloud Computer Server

- Boing Boing: Helm: A home network email server appliance to redecentralize the web

- Engadget: Helm’s personal email server helps you avoid data breaches

- Fast Company: This personal server lets you keep your emails entirely in your control

- Fortune: Data Sheet — Some More Skepticism About Blockchains, Bitcoins, and What Not

- GeekWire: Seattle startup vets takes on Google with Helm, a new $499 personal email server

- GeekWire (TV): TLDR: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earned $25M in 2018

- Hacker News: Helm: Personal Email Server

- Inc.: Here’s the Surprising Reason Why Mark Zuckerberg Can Never Be Fired From Facebook

- Mashable: Helm is the personal email server you never knew you needed

- Quartz: If you’re worried about online privacy, you no longer have an excuse

- SlashGear: Helm personal email server promises perfect privacy

- TechXplore: How your little email server puts you in charge

- The Verge: Helm is a personal, private email server that won’t share your data

- WIRED: This Startup Wants You to Control Your Own Data Again



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