GuestJoy securely connects to the hotel data they need using Impala

Alexandra Connerty
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3 min readApr 30, 2019


Technology can provide a nearly fail-safe way of knowing that the right message is delivered to the right guest at the right time. GuestJoy recently connected to hotel data using Impala to do this. With secure access to hotel data, they can provide the best experience to a hotel’s guests before, during, and after their stay.

Impala had the opportunity to chat with GuestJoy cofounder Annika Ülem and Partner and CTO Kaarel Saal about why they decided to connect to hotel data using Impala, why they need hotel data in the first place, and what the process of connecting to Impala was like.

What does GuestJoy do?

GuestJoy is a guest communication tool that enables hotels to increase their revenue and collect more online reviews via guest communication before, during and after the guest’s stay at a hotel. The software is extremely easy to use and suitable for both independent and regional hotel chains worldwide. We are currently serving hotel brands in fifteen European countries.

Why do you need hotel data?

We need hotel data in order to personalise the guest experience for people who stay at the hotels we work with. For example, we use this data to send pre-stay emails with personalized and segmented offers, as well as drive more quality reviews of the hotels to TripAdvisor.

What other solutions did you use before Impala? What were the strengths and weaknesses of this approach?

We were using a Fidelio / Opera direct connection, but data quality was not the best and the process was slow to implement. Our primary way to initiate communication with guests is via email and if we don’t have their email, we can’t be successful. Unfortunately, we can’t be 100% sure that all emails are transferred to us from Fidelio / Opera.

What was the process like when you wanted to integrate to a PMS before Impala?

The process all depends on the local representative. We had to contact them to establish the integration. It was slow and quite often co-operation was interrupted. If we have done one integration, doing another integration is usually smoother, but finding the right person and beginning to work together is challenging. We would also like to work with hotels using Fidelio / Opera around the world, but it is not easy.

What was your experience of connecting to a hotel with Impala?

We got our first customer in Dubai, and the integration was successfully established so we could receive data from a hotel that was using Opera. There was always good communication from the Impala side.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to connect with Impala?

Go for it. In the first months we’ve already connected several new hotels using Impala with more planned in the near future. We like the communication with the Impala team, as well as the technical quality.

Securely connect to data from hotels running on Oracle Suite8, Oracle Opera, Clock and more, using Impala. Create an account, and connect any product to the test hotel, The Charleston in a few minutes. And just like GuestJoy, you can gain access to the hotel data you need in order to provide the best customer experience for hotel guests.