Jobs @ Impala: Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Hi there. Welcome to another pre-job application article from Impala, glad you could join us. Our suggestion is you take a look at “What the Hell is Impala Anyway?” before reading this article as it will give you a good idea of what it is that we’re all being so fanatical about.

Now that you understand your PMS from your API, let’s talk culture.

Famously, building a successful start-up is a lot like building a successful cult. Listing all of the features that make up our culture would take a long time and wouldn’t be particularly useful. Instead here are the main facets that make up Impala’s culture.

Impala puts a great product above everything else. We’re not just “product oriented” or “product focused”, we’re “product devoted”. Our customers trust us to deliver data that is vital to their own product, we take that exceptionally seriously.

Impala puts camaraderie next. If you work for Impala, any Impalan will do anything they can to help you, whenever they can. Period.

Impala is incredibly transparent. We’re completely open and transparent to everyone about our product, you don’t have to sign up for a demo or go through vetting to see our documentation.. If you work for Impala we go even further, you will know almost* anything you want to about the company, right down to the £ and € in the bank account.

Impala is intellectually honest. Lying to yourself is a crime. It prevents you from achieving as you fail to address the problems that are there in front of you.

Impala employees are driven. For many Impalans, the years we’ll spend here are the most important years of a career. Anyone that isn’t here to achieve will hold everyone else back.

Impala employees are exceptional communicators. We believe that if you’re not clear in articulating what you want or what you need then you’ll never get it.

Impala employees are punctual as hell. On the super rare occasion that anyone from Impala is ever running late, you’ll know about it beforehand. We may be remote but we’re also quite British.

We have a phenomenally good time. When we get together, which we do frequently, we have an amazing time. For as long as we’re building a great product for our customers we’ll continue to unashamedly have a great time.

We’re also self aware enough to see the juxtaposition between the previous two points.

If you think you’d fit in here and have got the capacity and desire to be world class, then please send in an application for one of our open positions.

*We don’t expose salaries internally.