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Jungh Lee
Jungh Lee
Nov 27, 2017 · 2 min read
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Thoughts get matured as we write and re-write

Journal is a new place for your interests and history — note taking. We as team carefully engineered and focused on early stage idea and thought capture in everyday internet use. That’s why it is simple, or looks boring at first. No rush for you to decide what to do next and achieve. You develop thoughts later and rebuild+optimize in your own pace and time.

It all started from observation of our web-browsing before we came up with Journal. Web browser has history log of your site visiting or bookmarks but in many of us, they are poorly managed or abandoned. They are definitely some records of you everyday and you already have journal source in your computer. Also they could be wonderful source for your diary regarding your thought of the day. So if you frustrated before at keeping diary or any journaling, you are more than welcomed to re-start journaling. We are here to help you to have such easily with your own records from web….. And below are three things to know about Kewtea’s Journal:

Journal is designed when you are with your PC or laptop, not mobile

When everyone goes for mobile, we headed to the old PC web and developed the Journal. Mobile is handy, and mostly consuming platform. On the other hand, PC-web is advanced for productivity, and where research and much of professional work are carried on. Observe your PC use pattern to use journal better. When you open multiple tabs in your browser, what are you searching for? Can it turn to a great topic for your revision and someone like you later? Then, we assure it is good material to be noted in journal.

Review by timeline or tags such as keywords and collections help your idea get matured

Anchoring your thoughts with tags and timeline will help your brain functioning better. Give name to the collection as category and assign keywords for future use and search. We also provide timeline view like you flip in your paper book.

Journal could be private, collaborative, or casual blog-drive in your own way

Organic blogging is seamless here. (or set it completely invisible to others if you want)

We also provide chrome extension to assist

Recalling why I built this,

When finish first degree, I moved from Seoul to London. Both cities have full of history and memory…then started a blogging platform called Kewrator and realized that it was quite demanding to generate content. Understanding how our brain works to produce idea, article, and contents for blog, the Journal was sketched and we are launching here

Jump on the bandwagon

Journal is built for everyone. We encourage you to sign up and give it a try.

Thanks for your interest.

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