Event Report: PLUGinWROCLAW: Blockchain — Beyond Cryptocurrencies

This month, we joined the PLUGinWROCLAW: Blockchain — Beyond Cryptocurrencies conference, which was held on the 16th of October at OpsTalent, a fantastic office located in Wroclaw, Poland, that features exceptional conference rooms. To keep you posted on what’s going on, we were there to listen, gather information, and generate this report for you cryptocurrency enthusiasts!

We would first like to acknowledge and express our profound gratitude to: OpsTalent for allowing this event to take place in their office; The Art Hotel for hosting all the guests; Wills Integrated for mentoring and taking care of PR, and LAWMORE for their immense legal help. Special mention goes to ADAMSON, Malarska 25, Brand24 and GetResponses for their remarkable contributions.

As we arrived at the location, we were warmly greeted by beautiful people and tech leaders. Once we had shown our tickets for the event, we were guided to the convention room, where we found it full of blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto enthusiasts!

The event’s moderator, Ahmad Piraiee of ITKeyMedia, and a board member of the Polish-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, led us into the day’s program with his unbelievable experience as an MC and Moderator.

The conference started off with a presentation from Sonia Targosz and Sandris Murins who gave a good explanation of Blockchain in only 15 minutes. Sonia Targosz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fiat Based Token. She’s also an organizer of Wicked Crypto Meetup, a meetup with experts from the global Blockchain scene. Sonia is a graduate of the University of London, and holds a degree in Accounting & Finance. Her presentation and participation in the discussion panel was very informative. Sonia Torgosz highlighted the differences and similarities between Fiat currencies and Bitcoin, in connection to addressing money-related issues.

Sandris Murins gave his talk on the challenges of ICOs and how token accelerators help to solve them. Sandris Murins is a serial Blockchain entrepreneur, ICO advisor, and blockchain strategist. He is the Co-Founder of token accelerator Iconoq Lab and the blockchain company Factury. His presentation gave some humor to the room while at the same time it focused on complex topics on the challenges of ICOs.

We were next in line. We gave our presentation on Ethereum and technologies based on it. We explicated how Ethereum came about and took the tech world by storm, specifically concerning Bitcoin. We explained how the platform’s ecosystem has matured and has disrupted the lending industry as well. We also introduced the GetLine Network, our new P2P lending platform that aims to disrupt the $200 billion lending industry by lending funds in a decentralized environment.

Here is something you need to note: we’re soon launching our platform and GET token, do your own research into it, you’ll love it.

Next up was Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód, an advocate and tax advisor at DLA Piper, who gave deep insights into Bitcoin and shared her opinion on why she thinks Bitcoin cannot really solve real world problems in its present state. However, she supposed that we’re likely to experience the bliss of blockchain technology in the near future.

The event ended on a very high note, and we’re definitely looking forward to the next meeting!

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