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Character Map: Taco Shell DAO

Loci Mutual: remote teams are building the mutual ownership economy

Taco Shell Character Map is Small by Comparison to GOT

Remote determine the pace of community growth and tool adoption among merchants, producers, and direct investors. These are the key characters we will hear more from as the DAO matures:

  • Hosts — community-based individual directors lead local activities and provide a point of contact within their region
  • Scouts — seek and find DAO opportunities
  • Howlers — help everyone hear about the next event, opportunity
  • Trainers — take learning Taco Shell DAO systems to a whole new level

If you’d like help build Loci Mutual, give us a clap, highlight a role. Remote teams are forming now to build the mutual ownership economy.

Loci Mutual has a purpose: expand cost-effective access to housing, transportation, and good food for everyone everyone. Characters will make it happen.




Commercial residential real estate DAO building the mutual ownership economy

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Loci Guardian

starting up a DAO owning property mutually for DAO members and residents

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