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LG Testing — Auction Emission Contract

Read on to continue building the mutual ownership economy

Prototype emission schedule

Taco fans wishing to test LG tokens on the Rinkeby test network will complete the following tasks:

  1. Create a private wallet using Metamask.io or equivalent.
  2. Import the LG, LG2, and LG3 custom token contracts [do not search, but import a custom token] by pasting the contract address copied from Etherscan here1, here2, and here3.
  3. Once imported, tweet your wallet address to Loci Mutual @loci_mu with the hash tag #tacoDAO. Await collection of 3 different test tokens.
  4. Next, enter the LG3 auction emission contract by sending a nominal amout of Rinkeby test ETH to the contract address here. Upon contract interaction, you will be entered into the days auction epoch. Watch for LG3 tokens the following day (24hrs). Need test ETH? Tweet @loci_mu and we’ll send you some.

Auction testing commenced Tuesday, January 11, 2022 and continues today slower than hoped, but we very excited for great progress. We aim to launch the LG contract and its attendant stable coin, Loci USD in the coming days.

Following successful LG auction deployment, real estate tokens will deployed by the DAO. The growth tokens are secured by real estate collateral, generate principal growth daily, but never interest income. Loci Bells will beswappable for LUSD using a gasless market place built by DAO engineers, directors, and managers for the benefit of Taco fans everywhere.




Commercial residential real estate DAO building the mutual ownership economy

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starting up a DAO owning property mutually for DAO members and residents

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