GetLoci builds on peer trust

Updated 11.6.2016

GetLoci’s mission is to become a globally trusted payment network and global marketplace for digital assets. GetLoci changes the way you use money by building peer trust among at-risk users of the economy (generally consumers, merchants, producers, and investors) and offering unique services to network users. GetLoci will serve the users of Bitcion and key fiat currencies with exceptional executions while saving them money on daily financial necessities.

The lack of financial trust between individuals, both historically and in the modern economy, results in near total reliance on centrally powered financial intermediaries to conduct even the simplest act of commerce. Central financial systems, with no effective check on the power of their private owners, are prone to concentrate economic value in the hands of a few. Consumers, producers, and at-risk investor interests tend to lose out to central ones. GetLoci believes that structural advantages that concentrate economic value in the hands of a few, despite a long and often celebrated history, are unjust — and that this injustice feeds global violence and repression.

The void of peer trust globally and the corresponding economic distortion have two primary symptoms observable today. GetLoci’s features target these issues both individually and collectively:

Restricted flow of capital: Global capital flows (i.e., the movement of value between currency zones) are heavily taxed by financial gatekeepers, intermediaries, and governments. Transaction costs raise the minimum transaction size. Cost barriers are a form of economic injustice perpetrated by the financial systems against money users.

Loci network currencies trade freely on the network serving users of global currencies, and Bitcoin — effectively removing transaction size limits to expand participation. Network currencies trade centrally yet move value freely between global network users making it cheaper and easier for individuals to use multiple currencies while balancing aggregate market flows (i.e. no net capital flow). Global synthetic or network value circulation benefits both individuals within a given market and the market as a whole.

Illiquid capital stocks: The illiquid nature of capital limits participation in its ownership. Participation is further limited both by minimum transaction size. The lack of broad capital participation globally serves to further distort the inequality between financial interests and the rest of society.

GetLoci liquefies network capital stocks by atomizing risk into properly labeled network securities sold directly to eligible network users. Again, the network effectively removes the size barrier to expand participation. Loci markets drive hyper-efficient risk dispersion and broad participation with no-fee Loci market trading.

GetLoci is a cloud managed core services network, with political influence vested among both global and regional stakeholders. Network users pay flat network access fees by feature set and volume tier. GetLoci’s flat-fee model enables scale efficiencies to be shared equitably by GetLoci stakeholders (users, merchants, producers, and investors).

On behalf GetLoci teams globally, I hope you’ll follow along as we grow our team dedicated to serving network users globally.

Kirk Willard

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