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Loci Mutual Is Building

DAO voting token auction commences January 11, 2022. Follow the linktr.ee page for contract addresses as they move from test net to main net. Project documentation is found here.

Loci Mutual is a DAO [decentralized autonomous organization] aimed to protect individual associates and their business interests: home, auto, and food industry experts are organizing groups to devote their energy to Loci systems built for mutual associates.

Semi-independent managers aim to expand cost-effective access to housing, transportation, and good food for everyone everywhere.

The DAO, it’s directors, managers, cashiers, and it’s commercial residential properties are all governed by the voting token, Loci GLOBAL, LG.

Immediate road map

The team will distribute LG tokens to pioneering associates, directors, and early stakeholders. At the same time, Loci Mutual will commence a public auction of the LG token, making it available by swap contract for ETH, USDC, and LUSD, the project stable token.

LUSD are L2 public blockchain instruments (Skale.network) minted by Loci associates with ETH, 1:1 for USDC, or for USD by authorized non-bank cashiers.

The LG price will initially be set by auction. Check out auction details here when published: link will go live soon.

Real estate growth tokens, DAO teams

Real estate projects open registration for DAO originated $1 LUSD growth tokens beginning February 11, 2022. In parallel, local teams will begin learning to train:

  • Category directors: home, auto, food groups
  • Mutual scouts
  • Cash investor education: LG, LUSD, category, and property growth tokens
  • DAO mutual cashier training

Core teams

Remote teams begin routinely tokenizing DAO property with each new property acquisition. Each property is a a new growth token registration. Each new token expands access to cost-effective housing, transportation, and good food.

  • Property underwriting and whole note origination: auto, food, housing
  • Collateral administration: note, commercial deed of trust, Loci regulatory agreement, equity pledge, security instrument, and repayment performance guaranty.
  • Smart contract audits: ETH mainnet, and L2 tokens
  • DeFi swap pools for LUSD, LBs, and the LG voting token.

Token Distribution

Loci Mutual created the LG smart contract for use by individual associates, managers and mutual investors: all DAO governors. Until the initial distribution is fulfilled, Loci Mutual vests control in the co-trustee for L2 blockchain stable tokens and growth instruments.

441,000,000 LG tokens, inclusive of 350,000 LGy tokens held by the mutual foundation and its guardians, are presently authorized by the co-trustee for governance of the DAO. Loci associates will utilize withtally.com for voting.

  • Treasury reserve: 41% of authorized LG, 181 million tokens, will remain unissued, controlled by the DAO governor token holders.
  • Jan-2022 emission contract, 180-day lock: 99 million, 22.4% of authorized, emitted to registered ETH addresses pro rata over 3 years [$0.37 token price @ 441 million yields a notional value of $207.27 million LUSD]
  • Staking, d-app UI, L2 partner awards: 44 million, 10% of auth
  • Jan-2022 auction, 90-day lock: 33 million, 7.5% of auth
  • Organizing teams (2017–2021), no vest: 29 million, 6.6% of auth
  • Legacy investors, no vest: 22 million, 5% of auth
  • 2019 Pioneers, no vest: 22 million, 5% of auth
  • Foundation: 10.65 million, 2.5% of auth, 350,000 LGy tokens, and LB proceeds for selling certain intangible and software assets to Loci Unifying Systems Inc., for 111 million LBs, $1 LUSD face value, with an 8% average coupon, net of assumed indebtedness. The DAO organizing transaction is memorialized on June 11, 2021.




Commercial residential real estate DAO building the mutual ownership economy

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starting up a DAO owning property mutually for DAO members and residents

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