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Taco Design Values

we use these principals designing physical spaces (Excerpt from Telegram)

The “plan design build” teams in the housing group does it mostly. Here is the Texas template for cost-effective community building we built over the last 15 years:

50 acre site

10 units of living per acre on average

Mixed density: some single family detached and some multi unit housing that’s pretty dense.

Pocket parks. We like sites with a water element. Mostly for looks, but retention of storm water too.

All the units share the park.

Energy: Solar, wind, electric, batteries and propane back up generators.

Common House. We have not executed this yet, but the idea is for a community space for meals and activies. Hosts — someone living on site — will be activity directors helping build durable communities within and among durably owned DAO properties.

Individuals who participate in the Taco DAO benefit while building the mutual ownership economy.

DAO real estate producers have been in the industry for over 20 years.

The w3 bits are new.




Commercial residential real estate DAO building the mutual ownership economy

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starting up a DAO owning property mutually for DAO members and residents

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