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The Making of MadeMan

I never cared much about my skin. I was never taught to take care of it, and even though adolescent acne was embarrassing, I assumed I’d grow out of it.

Unfortunately, nearly a decade has passed since I was a teenager, and I have learned that bad habits = bad skin. Whether it’s a poor diet, stress management, alcohol consumption, or lack of hydration, sleep, and exercise, there are countless sources of skincare issues. As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a “work hard, play hard” mentality, my early adulthood has often been characterized by such harmful tendencies.

A couple of years ago, I determined that I would either have to radically change my lifestyle or start to take care of my skin. The former was less probable than me winning a Nobel Prize in Physics, and doing nothing wasn’t an option due to the increasing amount of time I was spending in front of cameras as a result of a growing public profile.

Naturally, my first instinct was to google “men’s skincare.” The results were overwhelming. There wasn’t a brand that offered less than ten different products (and they often had dozens.) Byzantine guides to finding the right products and developing a custom routine were befuddling.

Targeted ads on Instagram led me to brands that offered “skin quizzes” and would produce a personalized regimen with anywhere from five to ten products. Over several months, I tried various such subscription offerings. Sadly, as a dude who struggles to remember to brush his teeth and pack my deodorant in my suitcase despite often spending more months on the road than at home, my attempts to take care of my skin were in vain.

As crazy as it sounds, I became resigned and weighed using concealer rather than continue to unsuccessfully remember to apply five different products, in specific orders, at various times of day, with some even on alternating days of the week. The name “MadeMan,” a reference to a “man of honor” or “respect” in the Mafia (made famous in Martin Scorcese’s Goodfellas), actually was a play on my original idea to create a basic men’s makeup solution due to my dissatisfaction with complicated skincare routines.

Thankfully, MadeMan did not become a makeup company. As I began to venture down the cosmetic rabbit hole, I started to look at the labels on the countless skincare products I had accumulated. I quickly realized that this mind-numbing smorgasbord of solutions contained many of the same ingredients. This led to an epiphany that would alter the course of my life, taking me from “blockchain booster” (my former LinkedIn title) to cosmetic crusader:

I hypothesized that it was possible to boil down every component of a proactive men’s skincare regimen found in the five-or-more-step routine demanded by the brands on the market today and to synthesize a one or two-step solution. I reached out to my friends and followers on social media seeking dermatologists and chemists to validate this hunch.

I connected with some of the top experts in skincare, and my hypothesis soon became the basis for a disruptive new business. When I asked these folks whether it would be possible to create a simplified, yet highly effective skincare solution, their answer was unambiguous, with varying versions of “it’s possible, but you’ll make less money.” They also made clear I would need at least two products, as a facial cleanser is essential. Nevertheless, their replies validated my critical insight and explained why I had been unable to find such a remedy for my skincare sorrows.

You see, skincare, particularly for men, has historically been a niche market. Brands make money by targeting particular issues and then upselling various other products. As I discovered, high-quality solutions are expensive to formulate due to research and development costs, ingredient sourcing, and product testing. Once the formula is complete, similar to the pharmaceutical industry, there are significant margins. Nonetheless, it is far easier to sell the same customer multiple products rather than pay to acquire many different customers for the same product. The more I studied the skincare market, the more I saw this as an opportunity.

It turns out that most men are similar to me, and unlike many of the women in our lives, we are disinclined to invest time into understanding skincare and developing the proper routine as we are to spend a day clothing shopping or take hours to get ready to go out. Consequently, 66 percent of men use no more than a bar of soap or body wash to take care of their face, and 40 percent of men have never used a skincare product designed for men, despite us having different skin than women. As a result, most men suffer from some form of skin affliction, whether it’s inflammation, oiliness, dryness, aging, or damage.

It doesn’t have to be that way. After nearly two years of trial and error, research and development, testing, innumerable headaches, and more money spent than I’d ever care to admit, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of MadeMan. It’s a robust, simplified skincare solution that takes the highest quality ingredients and synthesizes them into the most effective two-step solution ever developed for a man’s face.

The MadeMan Re(Set) features “The Refresher,” an all-in-one moisturizer, and “The Resetter,” a facial cleanser that works as shaving gel (and even aftershave!). These novel formulations optimize for anti-aging, anti-inflammation, moisturization, pollution protection, and harmful ray reduction (especially digital light pollution, or blue light, from your screens.) Moreover, these products not only are a long-term investment in your skin, but also instantly provide a healthy glow and, using a proprietary pore appearance-reducing serum in the moisturizer, create a slight, skin-enhancing “airbrush” effect on the face.

These products are the real deal and what we have accomplished so far, without making a single sale, is perhaps the proudest achievement of my storied entrepreneurial career. The feedback from every guy who has tested the products has been incredible. I’m confident that if you’re like me and know you should probably take care of your skin, but don’t want to put the time and energy into a more comprehensive and expensive(!) solution, then trying MadeMan is common sense.

We have optimized our subscriptions for sustainability, cost, and convenience, with the two bottles coming every two months, at an affordably-priced $85. That’s just more than one dollar a day.

Psychologists have found that it takes only a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face and that hair, clothing, and accessories play a much smaller role. Thus, skincare is the best investment in oneself that far too many men do not yet make.

We’ll be sharing tons of illuminating information moving forward, so subscribe for blog updates, join our newsletter, and follow us on social media (Twitter & Instagram.)

In the meantime, give MadeMan a shot, provide us with any feedback you have (seriously!), and Get Made, Man.

Try the MadeMan Re(Set) with a $10, 10 Day Trial today!


Jeremy Gardner

MadeMan CEO & Founder



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Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner

Blockchain-boosting psychedelic adventure capitalist and aspiring adult. Normalizing men’s self-care by unf*cking faces with @MadeMan . Founded Augur, BEN, etc.