Interview with the one and only TGCO from This Girl Can Organise

The next interview in the #ParentingTheSummer series is from the super smart, super sassy, wonder woman TGCO — Nicola from This Girl Can Organise. She has inspired so many with her organisational wisdom and the impact she makes on her clients lives is legendary. A celebration of amazing Essex Mama’s is not complete without this lovely lady and today she will be sharing how she juggles work, family and keeps sane over the summer.

@_thisgirlcanorganise — Instagram

To start with it would be great to know a little bit about yourself and your family

My name is Nicola and I am the founder of TGCO. I live in West Essex with my husband and two daughters aged 14 and 10. I love music, dancing, travelling, food, friends, family…basically I’m a lover of life…I love to spread positivity, kindness and help others who find it hard to help themselves x

What do you find challenging about the summer holidays?

  1. Boredom is one of the biggest challenges every family faces. Six or more weeks is a very long time.
  2. The Pressure to come up with different ideas and create something fun every single day of the holidays — this just isn’t achievable.
  3. Finding the cash for all the activities you want to do plus the activities your family wants to do for the whole 6 weeks can leave a big dent
@_thisgirlcanorganise — Instagram

Tell us how you spend a typical summer weekend or day with your family

With weather as amazing as this we would either go out strawberry picking, take a day trip to the beach, a picnic in the local park or have family fun with ball games. When the weather doesn’t perform then it would be simple craft days or painting indoors, enjoying time together.

What tips would you give other mums on making the summer less stressful?

Being organised with your time really helps. Plan the week ahead ensuring you have time to chill throughout the week. Pack a picnic and check whats going on locally using apps like Facebook Local which is great to get insight into local events happening over the summer

@_thisgirlcanorganise — Instagram

To finish, what three words sum up the summer holidays to you

Family/Friends, Freedom and Fun!

Thank you Nicola for this amazing advice, you can find and follow Nicola via her Blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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