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How we found(ed) our purpose

Mentee Founded n.1

We created Mentee to build a worldwide community of open-minded people who want to learn from each other, have fun together and form lasting friendships.

As we’re writing this in September 2018, it’s two years since we started working on Mentee. During those two incredible years, we pushed ourselves, went through some ups and downs and most importantly, we learned a lot.

To keep us on the right track, remind us why we had started and maybe even to inspire others, we decided to document our journey straight from the beginning.

Now, after two years of building, trying, failing and trying again, we decided to share it with the world.

Think of the “Mentee Founded” series as our personal/business diary we share with the world.

Welcome to Mentee Founded.

Mentee was born on August 28th, 2016. Shortly after Zdenek, one of the founders returned from his trip around Europe and Jacob, the second founder, parted ways with his previous business.

We’ve been friends for a long time; we even started our first “business” together when we were just 17 years old.

At the time, we were two broke students who decided to make our own rice wine. We made some for ourselves, but after we took it to a few parties, it took off. We ended up making and selling over three hundred liters.

Unfortunately, we decided to shut it off after we learned what was needed to register it as a business.

From that time, we always had something to work on, something to keep us on our toes and focused. So you can imagine the itch we got when we suddenly had nothing to do. We were both fresh and eager to start something new.

Ilustrational picture (another car ride)

One weekend we shared a weekly ride from our hometown to Zlin. Before we set off, we decided to spend the whole trip coming up with new business ideas.

The moment the car started to move, we started brainstorming. Ideas were flying through the air. The front window was fogging from all the brain activity.

Then, a simple, yet powerful question appeared:

“Is there a way to easily exchange skills with others?”

We immediately forget about other ideas and focused entirely on this question. Minutes later, we decided we will make an app for sharing skills!

We spend the rest of the journey either vigorously discussing, or entirely in a silent mode, thinking it through.

It started taking shape in our minds. Suddenly, we knew exactly what to do. At least we thought. We did a quick research on the phone and found a potential gap in the market.

We were hyped. We probably even went over the speed limit a bit. All to get to Zlín as soon as possible, so we can finally work on this idea.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says: “Ideas are sh*t!”. To put it another way, what matters is the execution and the hard work. However, working hard on something useless is a waste of time as well.

To create something truly great, you need a fantastic idea combined with the right amount of hard work.

We had just come up with our idea. And we couldn’t wait to get to work.

More about that next week, in Mentee Founded n.2.

See you!

Zdenek & Jakub

Emails are so last century. Join our waitlist in Messenger to get updates and news about Mentee. Launching soon! (probably)




Building a worldwide community of friendly people who want to learn from each other, have fun together and form lasting friendships.

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