The greatest friend of an entrepreneur

Mentee Founded n.2

Zdenek Lozias


First Mentee Founded was about the day we stopped dreaming about building something and started working on it. About the car ride that painted a thick line in our lives and set us on this incredible journey.

Mentee Founded, our publicly shared diary, lets you take a peek behind the scenes of Mentee, an app for sharing skills and meeting new people. It’s written honestly, openly and straight from mind to paper.

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Welcome to Mentee Founded!

Our arrival to Zlín marks the start of the time we just referred to as “The Dark Ages”. We came up with this name not out of negativity, but because we spent the following weeks in our room, with its blinds shut, drinking cold-brewed black tea and working all day and all night.

Our small, shared room slowly turned into a dark cave. Decorated with piles of papers containing sketches of our app, poorly written algorithms, wireframes, detailed user flows and much much more.

We were often working more than 18 hours a day, fueled by caffeine from the black tea (which we later named Mentea) and ecstatic energy from the pure creativity. We left flat only to stock up on essential food (and tea bags).

In this case, the best friend of an entrepreneur is caffeine.

It was amazing, seeing how we created something from nothing. There were no boundaries, no rules, just pure creation.

However, before any of that happened, we knew we needed a proper market research.

We used all the search engines we knew and focused on more than 15 different keywords.

We even went as far as surfing through internet forums and reading a few hundred questions and answers on Quora.

We’ve found many ways to obtain new skills, but despite the simplicity of our idea, we haven’t seen any comparable service.

These results either meant the principle we want to use never worked, or we came up with something genuinely innovative.

Under the influence of the enthusiasm (and the caffeine from all the tea), we picked the latter explanation without a single doubt and decided to prove it with hard work and focus on building the best app we possibly can.

At times like these, there is no space for negativity, pessimism or doubt. Once you decide to do something, stick with it and do the maximum. No matter the outcome.

Next week is about the first features and the first fight between us, the founders.

See you!

Zdenek & Jakub

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