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Dive into app development, learn how to build websites, and get the hang of databases — from beginner to hacker, on your iPhone and during your idle moments on the go.

App name: Mimo

Tagline: Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Swift, SQL, and more — on your iPhone and during moments you can easily spare.

Description: Mimo is an iPhone app that teaches computer science in a gamified and interactive way.

How it works: Mimo breaks down computer science topics that normally fill books and classes into bite-size lessons that don’t take longer than two minutes to complete and, therefore, work anytime and anywhere.

Every lesson contains a short introduction sentence, a code snippet to interact with, and a motivational feedback sentence that displays after every interaction. As the users complete the lessons, they collect points, badges, and other achievements.

At present, Mimo includes courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, C++, and SQL as well as an introduction to programming for absolute beginners. On a bi-weekly basis, Mimo’s content will grow and, soon, feature courses on topics like Hacking, Machine Learning, R, Raspberry Pi, and the Terminal.

Two chapters of every course on Mimo are free of charge. Mimo Premium is an annual subscription for $49.99.

Contact: Henry Ameseder, press@getmimo.com


Phone mockups

Product shots

Founding team

Lorenz Schimik (CPO), Henry Ameseder (COO), Johannes Berger (CEO), Dennis Daume (CTO)
Lorenz Schimik (CPO), Henry Ameseder (COO), Johannes Berger (CEO), Dennis Daume (CTO)


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Press mentions

“This way, you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime.” 

“The app’s lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day, and it has a beautiful interface.” 
The New York Times

“The app’s simple design and succinct explanations make it stand out from the pack.”
 — The Washington Post

“After a while, the lessons feel like addictive little code-snacks.”
 — The Boston Globe

“Mimo talks you through all the ins and outs of different coding languages, testing your newly acquired knowledge along the way.”
 — Gizmodo

“It’s fun, easy and entertaining.”
 — Forbes on Mimo’s prototype

“This format makes it ideal for learning on the go and in short sprints.”
 — LifeHacker on Mimo’s prototype