How to use a manual portfolio?

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2 min readFeb 1, 2022


How to add a portfolio?

Open the portfolios section of the app and click the add portfolio button.

Select a manual portfolio.

Give it a name and add assets. You can select the date and the purchase price on the transactions screen.

Next, you can add the rest of assets to your portfolio and create it.

Done! The portfolio has been created, you can keep track of it.

How to add transactions?

Click the “Add transaction” button at the bottom of the screen.

When you add an asset to your portfolio, we automatically add deposit transaction. There are two more types of transactions — exchange and withdrawal.

This is what an exchange looks like. Here you can select an existing asset.

For example, I added 50 BNB. Now I can exchange them to USDT or any other coin.

The operation will be reflected in the portfolio. Then I can “withdraw” these USDT.

And of course, you can edit transactions. To do this, open their tab.

Select the desired transaction and click edit. Done!
You can also delete the transaction here.

Contact Discord for help if you’re having trouble!



Moni 👾
Moni 👾

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