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Why Square Makes Sense With Self-Checkout

When creating self-checkout for your enterprise, your payment processor is a critical decision for your customer experience since transactions will be managed by consumers rather than trained cashiers.

Here are four reasons why Square makes the most sense with self-checkout.

1.Hardware Customer Experience: The Square chip card reader has such a sleek, minimalist design that any consumer knows how to complete a transaction. Other processors have complex pin pad terminals with many buttons that cause customers to wonder what is expected of them. By removing this friction, Square increases customer satisfaction.

Karla Guarino of Kiosk Group shared, “In my 20 years of experience in the kiosk space, Square builds an exceptionally attractive payment processing hardware that fits elegantly with self-checkout technology. This will have a tremendous impact on your customer experience.”

The beautiful, intuitive Square chip card reader

2. Software Customer Experience: Your payment processor should support an intuitive and beautiful software workflow during the transaction process. The software should guide customers on what payment methods are accepted, where to insert their card, how much they will be charged, and when to complete the transaction. Square allows this simple software workflow via its Newline partnership for consumer-facing interfaces.

The Square checkout workflow is intuitive and beautiful, letting customers optionally add a tip and signature. Square even lets customers receive text and email receipts after completing a transaction. This is important since Harris Interactive found that 64% of consumers think companies who text value their time, are progressive and would recommend them to others.

Watch the customer experience in Silverstein Properties’ branded self-checkout software by Newline in partnership with Square

3. Consumer Loyalty and Data Analytics: Square tracks how often customers visit your business and provides valuable analytics on customer loyalty. Square’s data on ordering preferences empowers the Newline Self-Checkout platform with its smart upsell technology. Knowing which items to promote when results in 30% revenue boost.

4. Ease of integration to self-checkout: It is important that your payment processor be integrated to your Point of Sale for seamless, scalable operations. Square lets businesses download their inventory to their Newline software through an immediate sync and to manage multiple locations in one channel.

“We update our menu in Square several times a day, and Newline Self-Checkout makes it incredibly easy to sync these updates to our self-service kiosks. This was crucial for us to scale our food hall business,” shared Nick Bauer, General Manager of a Silverstein Properties food hall in New York.

Branded self-checkout by Newline Self-Checkout and Square

Create a digital kitchen with Bump KDS for Square.



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