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Introducing Boost

Tools for reaching more candidates, faster

What happens when you boost a job?

  • We send email invites to the 100 professionals in our database that best match your job. We have revamped the algorithm to greatly improve the quality of the matches, and only professionals that have been recently active looking for a job are invited. The emails are personalized with a message from the company.
  • The job is pinned at the top of our lists and lives in a dedicated, prominent section of our job board:
  • We give the job prominent space in our customized newsletters that our professionals receive twice a week.
  • The publication date is refreshed so the ad looks brand new.



Insights, trends and opinion on the challenges of matching companies and talent in the digital age. Brought to you by Get on Board, the leading tech recruitment platform in Latin America.

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Sergio Nouvel

CEO of @getonbrd (500 SF). Articles featured in Mashable, The Next Web, UX Magazine.